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Contemplating the Infinite

The inner nature of the ALL is unknowable. This must be so, for naught but the ALL itself can comprehend its own nature and being.  —The Kybalion

There is a passionate fire within my being that continuously seeks to understand “how it all works”. You see me moving through new perceptions of understanding all the time, as a sweet supporter of these mystical musings here.

But really, how infantile is my greatest level of comprehension, in reflection to the absolute truth of an infinite nature??

I say this not to belittle my wise and radiant understandings of Life. I say this to push my levels of understanding and contemplation to even greater heights, and depths.

It seems as though it would be impossible to intimately know that which is by its very nature unknowable, from our limited point of perception. And yet, the more I bravely surrender to my own infinite nature, the more I am able to humbly identify with the concept of an infinite intellect and consciousness, ever-flowing and expanding through all that is and can be.

In these wee morning hours, my soul is immersed in reading The Kybalion, an ancient teaching of Hermetic Principles and Alchemy. It essentially mirrors all that I have embraced as true and real, and still amps up all of my wildest imaginings about the workings of Life and Creation, to a greater degree.

As I am, in this exact moment, it is impossible to be any less than infinite, in actuality.

I’ve stated that truth countless times, in my various writings. And yet, today, I simply sit in contemplation of what that really means.

Although I am currently entranced by thoughts of a physical nature, I hold the ability to authentically view more and more of the All, when it is comfortable for me to do so. Nothing separates me from that infinite flow, except my perception of being.

So, I offer a prayer to the divine nature within my infinite Self, to remind me that:

I AM the universes breathing in and out of existence.

I AM the dawn of all creation and the key to all Life in motion.

There can be no thing that I am not.


And so it is.

© Alania Starhawk 2016

3 thoughts on “Contemplating the Infinite”

  1. Oh yes, yes, yes!!!! (Infinite exclamation marks intended)

    I hear and resonate with these words and musings! My being is lifted to a higher state of conscious awareness just at the reading of these!

    Just this morning, my questions were, “Who made God / Source / The Infinite” and “Who made the building blocks God used in order to make all / everything”? Another way to ask this is, “Who made the Field of Limitless Potentiality”?

    As I seek, I find.

    We Are All Connected.
    It Is All Connected.
    I Am That, I Am.

    1. Ohhhhh…I love connecting to your passion!!!! I know that passion. It fills my heart too. I actually considered the question of “where did it all begin” too. And the only answer that currently resonates is……..that there never has been a moment when the Infinite was not. What if the concept of ‘beginning’ is only a perception too. What if it is all ONE expansive journey to and fro…and no point of initial BEingness can authentically be??

      Ahhhh…you and I can have some incredible starlit philosophical conversations in Sedona. I can’t wait!!!! Love you…in infinite measure. ♥

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