Expanding Consciousness

Evolution and Expansion

It’s the natural order of Life.

To take a step forward, one after the other. To imagine a grander experience for ourselves, in some way.

With each sacred breath we are reMembering that we would like to embrace more of this and less of that. We are re-evaluating our perceptions of what brings us joy, and setting intentions for our new path of envisioned greatness.

Some of us hold on to the belief that the “greatness” we seek, will always be ahead upon our journey. But some of us, if we are very very blessed, can detect the evolution and expansion that is taking place around us each day.

Sometimes the shift and change is as simple as enjoying a fruit smoothie one day, and a green smoothie the next. With awareness, we can recognize that the green smoothie is simply aligning with our changing perceptions of life and of self. Or, we can view the whole change in behavior as an arbitrary choice of circumstance.

Life is never arbitrary, dear ones!!

Life eternally evolves, expands, and shifts to honor our own shifting energies.

Every single step and breath upon our path is purposeful. It leads us to the next. And when we have had our fill of fruit smoothies, we will allow our innate sense of discovery and adventure to welcome several new possibilities. It’s the natural order.

Which also means:

When you are truly done with feeling exhausted, without direction, disempowered, or restricted…………………you will begin to effortlessly EVOLVE and EXPAND into new experiences of “greatness”.

Quicker than you can imagine, the old will fall away and the new will take its place. An evolution of your bright and sovereign spirit will be under way. Without a doubt, with faith and practice, you will reMember that you are fully WORTHY of the greatness that now flows. The resistance to your own sweet evolution will be quelled. Space for expansion and self-discovery will begin to create itself anew.

This is the space I find myself in today.

I can’t recall the exact prayer that has brought me here.

And yet, I am overwhelmed to know that it has absolutely been MY countless thoughts, prayers, intentions, and shifts in awareness that have brought me all of the WONDER that now flows!!! I now find myself smack dab in the center of the REALM OF GREATNESS (by my own perception)……………..and am super uber excited to BE here. ♥

It was not so long ago, that I was only comfortable to be at the gates of this beautiful realm, dreaming of the day when I might be ready, worthy, and able to enter.

Somehow, in a breath between a breath, I must have full-heartedly brazened my way through, simply because my soul was ready for the next wave of sweet expansion and growth. 

On a level unseen, I have clearly evolved my state of conscious awareness and truth.

Thank You, Dear Spirit!! 

For every bright blessing, I am in gratitude.

© Alania Starhawk 2016

Here’s a sidenote: In this picture, I am hanging my beautiful bootie over the edge of an overlook in Maine, that I had been too scared to even pull off to in prior years. As I transform my perception of “heights” and “fear”…..new experiences will continue to appear for me.

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