Universal Prayers for All

Blessings, My Brothers and Sisters!! I welcome YOU to join me, on Wednesday, August 1st, from wherever you are. I will be holding loving intentions for every bright soul who wishes to receive, while sitting within an epic gateway of Light at Phillipe Park, in Safety Harbor, FL. Will you join me??  You're invited to join… Continue reading Universal Prayers for All


I Am “Starhawk”

This name was given to me, as a precious gift, by Spirit. It was to remind me of who I am, upon the highest and deepest vibrations of Truth. It speaks volumes to me, and keeps me centered upon my soul's journey. Would you like to understand why?? Here's some backstory to my personal journey… Continue reading I Am “Starhawk”

Spirit Teachings

My Throne of Interdimensional Light

Massive Portals of Light were calling out to me everywhere, upon my recent adventure to Sacred France and England!! These Portals were ANCIENT, and they were originally held with very high frequency. They were built on (and beneath) high points of natural power. They were built TO keep the all earth energies in balance and harmony!!… Continue reading My Throne of Interdimensional Light

Expanding Consciousness

Finding mySelf

Quite naturally, we are all on a perpetual journey of self discovery. Each thought and experience allows us an opportunity to SEE ourselves in new ways. Sometimes that self discovery can be gentle, exciting, and oh-so-comforting...and sometimes it can powerfully shatter all past illusions of self identity. I'm there. In that sweet, yet daunting, state… Continue reading Finding mySelf

Expanding Consciousness

Contemplating the Infinite

“The inner nature of the ALL is unknowable. This must be so, for naught but the ALL itself can comprehend its own nature and being." —The Kybalion. There is a passionate fire within my BEing that continuously seeks to understand 'how it all works'. You see me moving through new perceptions of understanding all the… Continue reading Contemplating the Infinite

Channeled Messages

You Are Your Own Sovereign Authority

We are the Light of Divine Consciousness in human form!! It's true...and yet we are only beginning to trust this truth as valid and certain for ourSelves. Dear Spirit...I ask for guidance and inspiration.   Please share that which will inspire us now. In ancient days, all commonly recognized themselves as inherently sovereign and empowered.… Continue reading You Are Your Own Sovereign Authority

Affirmations and Invocations

“Be The One!!”

you are the ONE... to bring change to light the world to ignite creativity to feed a soul to brave new paths to welcome divine flow to sense deep truth  to embrace it all you are the ONE... to BE the One as only YOU can be ♥ © Alania Starhawk 2015