Human Nature

We didn’t incarnate so that we would forget who we are. We incarnated into this beautiful earthly form so that we could discover who we are. This is why we breathe, we step forward, we trust in the happy ending, and we reach for the stars. It’s all part of a great big timeless desire to know ourselves!!

~ Divine Spirit

In our evolution towards higher consciousness, it’s vital to move past any assumption which implies that being human is intrinsically less miraculous than being divine. If we see our human nature – our core foundational truth – as limited in any way, then we shall never be able to embrace our Divine Self upon this earth plane.

We, as a human collective, were originally birthed in love. We lived in harmony and peace for many earth cycles, and still hold that remembrance within.

The patterns of defense, greed, conflict, and disharmony that are so rampant across the earth plane at this time are not “natural” to our enlightened Selves. They are learned and adopted patterns of behavior that became rooted in times of chaos and confusion.

The surest way to neutralize these limiting patterns and beliefs is to cultivate a strong sense of self-awareness and truth, individually and collectively.

It’s time to remember who we are.

© Alania Starhawk 2019

This is a short excerpt from the sacred book I am writing. A book that has been speaking to me for many years. As I spent time with it today, I realized that I am incredibly close to completing this epic process.

For a moment, I felt joy and relief. But then an extraordinary wave of AWE passed through my awareness.

This project has not taken 10 years to “write”. It has taken 10 years to “believe in”!! Bringing it to completion is a sign of how much I have grown, in trust and acceptance.

These words above are just a little teaser of what is to come. I so look forward to sharing the entire creation with you.

In perfect time.

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