Spirit Teachings

Life Unbridled

Today, let us embrace the innate power that we are.

Today, let us reMember that we are the masters of our own reality.

For we each hold the power to create and reCreate our experiences as often as we’d like. So, why do we so often lose sight of that fact??

Spirit once whispered into my ear, one early morning, before my eyes had bravely opened:


And so my imagination took flight in those following weeks, as this new concept became the fathomless force behind my every thought and free-will-choice. No longer did I see the obstacles blocking my path or the duties and responsibilities that keep me in metaphorical chains.

I could only sense the deeper symbolism implied by each succinct word.

TODAY = Every new dawn is a brand new beginning.

CAN = Positive, possible, limitless potential.

BE = Actual, authentic, here-and-now reality.

ANY THING = Wondrous, boundless, yet-to-be-imagined manifestation.

YOU = We are the only one with power over our own experience. 

CHOOSE = It is our privileged right to live as passionately as we wish.

And so, I pose this life-altering question to you now.


May your heart soar into the chasms of miraculous being, as you discover the wonder of Life unbridled.

I encourage you to shatter all previous bounds of conformed thought and expectation.

Grant yourSelf full permission to – BE FREE – today and all days.

It’s all possible.
It’s all so very real.

© Alania Starhawk 2019



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