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Are You Sense-Driven??

How curious, that it has taken more than 4 decades to acknowledge that I am a sense-driven woman.

I am fed, nurtured, inspired, ignited, and enriched by my senses!! They, perhaps alone, connect me to every extraordinary memory I can recall.

Interesting and unusual colors, sounds, tastes, sights, and wonders. They all fascinate me!!

I am so happy to marvel at the beauty of a dew drop upon a flower blossom, to tune into the nearly-silent whisper of the wind, to be surprised by the perfect sweet-tart ratio of a crispy apple, or to run my fingers over the smoothness of a worn river-rock.

Others might appreciate the beauty in such moments, but I am ignited by their essence. They remind me of what Life is about.

Exploration of the senses!! Yes. That is most certainly my life’s purpose. It makes perfect “sense”. (((Smile))) 

It also explains why I am emotionally guided to certain people, places, and things.

For there are all varieties of perfect divine expression upon this earth plane. But not all people are ALIVE with passion, candid emotion, curiosity, and presence. Some are quite content to live without humor, inquisitiveness, passion, and soul-infused-candor.

A word can be a “word”, or it can depict a world of imaginative wonder into being. 

A touch can be a “touch”, or it can awaken the heart to be free and boundless.

A sight can be a “sight”, or it can reveal layers of encoded symbolism and depth to all that appears. 

I live to ignite the senses!!

How about you??

Even when I learn that smoked kippers, as an English breakfast, are not as romantic a concept as I had anticipated, I am ecstatic to know that I’ve had the experience.

I am a passionate soul!! A sensational one. 

I thrive on all that is unusual, exciting, and new.

And, if you take a gentle moment to consider your own view of the world, you might just recognize that you are too. 

All that has shifted upon this perfect morning, is my awareness.

For me to be my most magnificent Self, I need to entice MY SENSES in every indulgent way. With brilliant sights, bold flavors, curious conversations, and ineffable moments of human-to-human contact. 

I need it all. Yes. I dare say “need”.

As breath is required to sustain life-force in our beating bodies, so sense-evoking pleasures are required to ignite my soul’s truest Light. 

Are you with me??

From this moment forward, let LIFE be our guide, as raw and uncensored as it wishes to be (within the realms of that which is inspirational and uplifting).

Let it be. 
Let it be.
Let it be. 

© Alania Starhawk 2019

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