Affirmations and Invocations

“Be The One!!”

you are the ONE... to bring change to light the world to ignite creativity to feed a soul to brave new paths to welcome divine flow to sense deep truth  to embrace it all you are the ONE... to BE the One as only YOU can be ♥ © Alania Starhawk 2015

Channeled Messages

Earth Mother’s Loving Message

Speak To Me Dear Mother... From my heart I reveal to you now the greatest of all love and admiration. Forever a part of your heart and soul, we are entwined.   Our paths are intermingled and woven for the benefit and victory of all mankind. For you are a simple soul who 'chooses'  this… Continue reading Earth Mother’s Loving Message

Spirit Teachings

Dear Earth Mother…

I call upon you, beautiful Earth Mother, to feed me. Let the wonder of all you have to offer, be mine with each coming day. I've walked the path of separation for too long, denying my own heritage and birthright. But I'm back. My spirit calls to you. Please nourish my heart, my soul, and… Continue reading Dear Earth Mother…

Channeled Messages

Bearers of Divine Prophecy

Dear Spirit ~ how do you work with us today?? By encouraging you each to remember who you are. We are awaken your divine heritage, so that you may once again pick up your torch and be the bearer. Bearer of what?? Divine Prophecy!!   The prophecy that speaks of ancient elders walking this earth… Continue reading Bearers of Divine Prophecy

Spirit Teachings

Forever Blessed

I've been immersed in nature over the last few days. Not the ebb and flow of gulf waters that I usually find myself in, but the force and strength of mountain rock and mineral infused cascading waters. There's a difference. Nature is nature, but each aspect of nature brings a different system of support and… Continue reading Forever Blessed

Mystical Musings

A Prayer of LIGHT and LOVE

May we each hold a vision of ONE UNITED LIGHT surrounding ALL who find themselves in need of support. See this Light touching all in need - young and old -  in crowds and alone - the strong and the fearful.  Every bright soul is our BROTHER and SISTER in Light. Let us bring support… Continue reading A Prayer of LIGHT and LOVE