Mystical Musings

Dream Big

This world is ever-expansive and infinite.   Yet, we still envision our lives in accordance to that which we BELIEVE has the potential to be. If we're cautious when placing our prayers, intentions, and dreams into motion....then we're initiating an experience that is founded in lack and limitation!!    We don't recognize it...but it's true.… Continue reading Dream Big

Channeled Messages

On The Dawn Of This New Day…

On the dawn of this new day that has been reverently awaited...."We" as a race are accelerating our United Energy by shifting our Awareness into our HEARTspace!!! We...together...are learning to Trust our innerSUN.    That radiant heartGlow and that universal heartBeat are all an integral part of our divineDESTINY!! No longer are we limited by… Continue reading On The Dawn Of This New Day…

Mystical Musings

Naturally Whole…and Healthy

How often do we see ourselves as a work in progress??   We silently believe that we'll exercise more, eat more nutritionally, bring greater physical, emotional, and mental healing to our lives, welcome in greater support and prosperity, and one day soon find the Peace we've been craving!! In other words....we silently believe that tomorrow… Continue reading Naturally Whole…and Healthy

Mystical Musings

A Prayer of LIGHT and LOVE

May we each hold a vision of ONE UNITED LIGHT surrounding ALL who find themselves in need of support. See this Light touching all in need - young and old -  in crowds and alone - the strong and the fearful.  Every bright soul is our BROTHER and SISTER in Light. Let us bring support… Continue reading A Prayer of LIGHT and LOVE