Mystical Musings

A Prayer of LIGHT and LOVE

May we each hold a vision of ONE UNITED LIGHT surrounding ALL who find themselves in need of support. See this Light touching all in need – young and old –  in crowds and alone – the strong and the fearful. 

Every bright soul is our BROTHER and SISTER in Light. Let us bring support to ALL who might be blessed!! Let us remind each soul that no one walks alone.

Allow the Love within your heart to build and grow. Breathe LIFE into its essence, so that it begins to expand beyond all that you perceive to be physical and contained.

Let this Love begin to reach out, naturally, merging with all other expressions of empowered Light. With every inhalation, envision that collective Light feeding and energizing your own spirit. With every exhalation, envision your own spirit feeding and energizing that collective Light.

Sense that there is an open flow between yourSelf and every other heartLight – seen and unseen. See that your energies work together as one, intensifying still, with every breath that continues to feed it.

All of you are now DIVINE CHANNELS for all that is peace, love and healing Light.

See your collective Light flowing effortlessly to touch and envelope ALL who would be blessed. 

See this Light being gracefully offered to all who are feeling lost or without direction. See this Light melting all resistance, doubt, and fear – bringing them HOME into the One Heart of Love.

Envision each soul receiving the sacred message:

“YOU ARE LOVED!!!”    

It’s so simple, and yet so profound.

The reverberations of this prayer are infinite in their potential. 

Be confident in all that you envision.

From your heart, be generous with all that you see.

Be Love. 

© Alania Starhawk 2012

2 thoughts on “A Prayer of LIGHT and LOVE”

  1. Well done my friend…We most certainly have the power to do this. I think many are working on it. I would just love to see us all take the wind out of their hurricane 🙂 It is time for them to go now. I will keep all informed of what is occurring…Sending prayers to all and a visualization of Sandy petering out of steam….Love and light…. VK

    1. Absolutely!! I felt such a warmth come over me as i envisioned Peace touching everyone. And…i also felt the element of Perfect Divine Order. She (Sandy) is certainly activating us all on deeper and higher levels of being!! I can’t see it all…but i can sense how beautiful it is…from the highest perspective!! Much LOVE to you VK!!!! ♥

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