Mystical Musings

A Prayer Of LIGHT and LOVE

As many of our brothers and sisters are touched by challenge and transition each day….it is vital that WE as Lightworkers hold a vision of Protection and Safety for ALL who are touched by any sense of challenge and uncertainty. 

May we each hold a vision of ONE UNITED LIGHT surrounding ALL who find themselves in need of that support!!!    SEE this Light touching all in need…young and old…in crowds and alone…the strong and the fearful.    They are ALL our Family…and they need our support!!

Take a DEEP breath to find that beautiful strength within YOUR self…and feel that Light with~IN your heart GROW!!!    SEE the Light of LOVE flow to you with each inhale…and through you with each exhale.   SEE the Love FILL every bit of your essence…mind, body and soul….and then SEE that Radiant LOVE flowing FROM you without limit!!!!!!

You are now a DIVINE CHANNEL for all that IS Peace, Love and Healing!!!    Reach your energy OUT to Unite with other radiant souls like yourself…and SEE your lights merging together.    SEE them growing with intensity…magnifying with each breath!!!

We ARE One United Light…and we hold the power to bring PEACE and HEALING to those in need!!!!

Now SEE this great big web of radiant Light enveloping the whole Northeast…and ALL who would be affected!!!   SEE the Light touching each individual soul as needed…bringing a message of LOVE and SUPPORT to all who would be Blessed to receive it.     

SEE this Light spiraling down to the earth…in a powerful yet gentle way to CLEAR any energies that are less than LOVE!!   SEE this Light WRAPPING AROUND all who are feeling lost…or without control.

SEE your self…and your heart…screaming to each of these beautiful souls…YOU ARE LOVED!!!    

You see….our UNITED prayer and intention can easily SHIFT the realities of many…if we BELIEVE!!!    SO…..find the Light and Power within your own HEART…and then SHARE that LOVE til you feel the LIGHT filling each of our brothers and sisters with Hope and Peace!!!!

In Faith and LOVE,


2 thoughts on “A Prayer Of LIGHT and LOVE”

  1. Well done my friend…We most certainly have the power to do this. I think many are working on it. I would just love to see us all take the wind out of their hurricane 🙂 It is time for them to go now. I will keep all informed of what is occurring…Sending prayers to all and a visualization of Sandy petering out of steam….Love and light…. VK


    1. Absolutely!! I felt such a warmth come over me as i envisioned Peace touching everyone. And…i also felt the element of Perfect Divine Order. She (Sandy) is certainly activating us all on deeper and higher levels of being!! I can’t see it all…but i can sense how beautiful it is…from the highest perspective!! Much LOVE to you VK!!!! ♥


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