“I Am Love”

If words are only representations of the energy and intentions that we hold within…then my words today scream “I Am Love ~ I Am Love ~ I Am Love!!”

I find myself naturally repeating these words over and over to release and clear some older blocked energy and belief patterns…but THEN the physical words took on an energy of their own and began to align with my BREATH….speaking words without form…with every breath!!

Does that make sense??  Did i communicate that correctly??   My very breath and heart-beat seems to currently scream “I Am Love ~ I Am Love ~ I Am Love”… even when my words do not!!    The words i used to describe the energy flowing through me…BECAME the energy flowing through me.    And in my silence…and awareness…that is all i now hear!!!


Dear Spirit…May this TRUTH continue to flow and build in power and grace!!    May the Light held within this Truth birth and rebirth all anew with~IN ME at all levels and vibrations of being!!!   May I BE the representation and embodiment of LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE!!!   
There is nothing to forgive…or to be forgiven for!!   There is nothing to fix or work through!!   I AM LOVE True and Pure!!   I AM Light Divine and Spirit Pure!!   I AM LOVE ~ I AM LOVE ~ I AM LOVE!!!

In Joy and LOVE,


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  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Be good to yourself my friend…I hope you are blessed with what you asked for 🙂 Max is all booked up but we are on the waiting list in case of cancellations and we are on the new year schedule as well. Sooner I hope rather than later this will come to pass. Thanks again for the info. Have a wonderful weekend….Blessings..VK

    1. Alania says:

      All Is WONDROUS!!! Every moment is ALIVE…and inspiration is flowing!! My task now is to ground a bit while spiraling so that i can still manifest all that i wish to. And you to…will joyfully manifest your re-union with Max!! I’m so happy for you!! Namaste’ Beautiful Friend ♥

  2. Pamela Falciani says:

    “I AM LOVE” I woke up this morning with this screaming this into my head! I AM Love. Maybe it is an “epidemic” 🙂 May it continue to spread… Thank you for your writings… and this confirmation!! Much love and peace, in truth, Pamela

    1. Alania says:

      Oh Pamela…i was thinking of you this morning also!! I was thinking that it’s been too long. But thankfully we have the soul connection that speaks without the mundane use of words!! You are HONORED as the beautiful LIGHT you are!!! ♥

  3. Love is all there is… 😉

    Thank you for a beautiful time spent watching the sun set. It was truly encouraging! I love you! xoxoxo

    1. Alania says:

      Can’t wait to do it all AGAIN!! In those sacred moments…there is no place i’d rather be!! Thank YOU for sharing them with me!!! ♥

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