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A Wise “Message of Love”

Dear Spirit…

Please Share A Message of Love With Me Today.

Within and throughout, you are shifting and reworking your life. But, we shall say, it still isn’t in the ways you perceive. There is more than can be seen. You are seeking to control your experiences, even when you don’t believe yourself to be. And with that control, you are limiting your personal viewpoints.

Much within you is purging and releasing. If it has found no identity in you, it is being released.

Let me say that again clearly, if an emotion or experience arises and you do not align with its vibration or frequency, it is being released!!

Still, much in you cries out to be heard. So, give expression to all that you choose.  Surrender that which yearns to be free!! You are no longer captive by your past experiences.

Feel the power build within you, and move yourself past the limited perception of each moment.   There is always more to see, feel, and understand.

© Alania Starhawk 2010

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