Mystical Musings

“Pain” Is An Illusion

Do not carry Pain like a badge of Victory!! The "Pain" is not real. If you feel that you've endured, then you are still a victim of something that you believe to be beyond your control. However, if you believe that you have experienced all that was for your best and highest good, then you have nothing… Continue reading “Pain” Is An Illusion

Mystical Musings

Reconsidering What Being “Selfish” Truly Means

We often have an ever-growing list of tasks, obligations, and social commitments calling to us. But what if we were brave enough (yes, it takes bravery) to LIVE for ourSelf each day!?!? I'm not promoting any selfish tendencies here. But I am reconsidering what being "selfish" truly means. We have accepted all "selfish" values to… Continue reading Reconsidering What Being “Selfish” Truly Means

Affirmations and Invocations

Energize Your Experiences!!

Whether you are reading an intriguing book today, baking cookies for a loved one, leading a league of young ones to think outside the box, or bravely mountain hiking through the Andes.....................I encourage you to ENERGIZE YOUR EXPERIENCES!! ♥ Be Present Know that this moment is precious and is exactly where you wish to be Be… Continue reading Energize Your Experiences!!

Channeled Messages

The Precipice

We're standing at the precipice of all we've ever known. Can you feel the depth of these words reverberating truth in greater and greater ways?? These words can bring instant clarity to this particular moment in any personal situation, or to a birds eye view of your entire lifetime, or to a truly esoteric vision… Continue reading The Precipice

Spirit Teachings

A Prayer of Oneness

May I know only Love at all vibrations of being. May I recognize and HONOR the beauty of each person's radiant Spirit. May I be a teacher of compassion, a wayshower of forgiveness, and a bringer of loving acceptance on this earth. May I always recognize the blessings, beauty, and love that surround me. May… Continue reading A Prayer of Oneness

Channeled Messages

Bearers of Divine Prophecy

Dear Spirit ~ how do you work with us today?? By encouraging you each to remember who you are. We are awaken your divine heritage, so that you may once again pick up your torch and be the bearer. Bearer of what?? Divine Prophecy!!   The prophecy that speaks of ancient elders walking this earth… Continue reading Bearers of Divine Prophecy

Channeled Messages

Let Go of the Word “Humbled”

Dear Spirit ~ Who wishes to assist me and bring understanding?? I am open to receive and I am humbled in your light. Let go of the word "humbled". You do not ever have to diminish your light in the presence of another!! Accept the brilliance that you are and see that same brilliance in… Continue reading Let Go of the Word “Humbled”

Mystical Musings

Fighting Depression

These two words, when combined, can bring to mind an epic tale of struggle, confusion, oppression, and even despair. For its a place that many of us know too well, but few of us dare to honestly talk about. After all, isn't that the nature of the beast?? When we are in it, we feel… Continue reading Fighting Depression

Mystical Musings

A Soul Recognition

Have you ever had the opportunity to greet a stranger in passing and feel so much more than a casual "hello". As if beyond the appearance, the words, and the surface energies exchanged, there was a greater "knowing" taking place?? This happened to me today. And I must say that I didn't completely notice til… Continue reading A Soul Recognition