Channeled Messages

Bearers of Divine Prophecy

Dear Spirit ~ how do you work with us today??

By encouraging you each to remember who you are. We are awaken your divine heritage, so that you may once again pick up your torch and be the bearer.

Bearer of what??

Divine Prophecy!!  

The prophecy that speaks of ancient elders walking this earth in harmony, uniting for peace. 

In your own lives, you become Prince Arthur, Joan of Ark, David, Mahatma Gandhi, Prince Siddhartha, Mother Theresa, and Sri Krishna too!! You each become the hero of your own tale. See your self rising and being the LIGHT you most naturally are.


This is no time to be questioning our worthiness or our strength. It’s time for this beautiful nation of humanity to UNITE with heart-centered intent!! No great talents are required. No great preparation is needed. Only a clear and innocent intention to BE AT PEACE with all that may be.

Yes!! I know that we are re-training our bodies to react more lovingly in trying situations. But it all begins within.

Will we wait for a day when our choices become easier?? Or will we stand strong to claim our DIVINE DESTINY right now!?!?!



I choose to bravely stand strong and BE THE LIGHT for all that awakens Peace and emPowerment on our beautiful planet earth.

Stand with me.

In your own sacred heart, choose peace.

© Alania Starhawk 2013

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