Spirit Teachings

Living An Extraordinary Life

Can it be done??

Can we each hold a vision of the extraordinary life we wish to know…and achieve that beautiful vision for ourselves??

After all…our individual visions of what is “extraordinary” will surely differ from one soul to the next.   So…is it possible to hold a CLEAR VISION of what is magic and joy-filled for YOU…and then maintain that vision through the intricate mazes of interpersonal relationships, expectations and norms we naturally encounter??

It’s a bit easier to stand strong in a sea of strangers and impersonal societal expectations.     But…when we care for, honor, and love others…we wish to accommodate their comfort levels and desires as well as our own…and SO “clear vision” is compromised!!

We genuinely know happiness while interacting with those we care for and love.    We can see that we are living joyfully…and those moments are not ones we’d ever wish to trade.   But…in truth…while living naturally…we lost sight of living extraordinarily!!

Extraordinary (for you) is often beyond that which others can easily comprehend.     Because you are forging a new path that naturally exceeds the already accepted boundaries of norm…others can not imagine the strength and fortitude it takes to get there.    They can love you through it all…but they can’t see the golden path outlined through your unique vision.    Only you can see the current value and importance of each silent step that leads you there!!

If extraordinary were for everyone…it wouldn’t be called extraordinary!!   Would it??    

By it’s very nature…it implies the use of UNIQUE ATTRIBUTES in a sea of acceptable norm.     That takes strength!!     Because in truth…we’re battling and confronting much more than our identity and acceptance among others.    We are also battling the deeply rooted belief system that we each hold within.

Is it arrogant to believe that we have a right to live more extraordinary than anyone else??     Is it selfish to use the time, energy, and resources it takes to live extraordinarily??     Is it insensitive to believe that our personal vision is first priority in any moment??

An acceptable path has not been forged yet.    The new paradigm is not yet in place.   So…we won’t find direction from outside of ourselves.   I believe that there is only one viable question that will define our unique destiny.

“How sincerely do we want it??”

After all…others are living their own lives!!    They are doing what is best for them!!    Only YOU can see the places, journeys, and experiences you’d like to know!!    So….STAND STRONG!!

If extraordinary is your destiny…you will be offered opportunity upon opportunity to SHINE BRIGHT and BE all that you most genuinely wish to be!!

Simply BELIEVE that YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY…and your world will soon transform most magically!!

B E L I E V E ♥

That is your greatest responsibility!!

All else will take care of itself!!

So…my dear friends…don’t give up!!   Keep striving to freely and joyfully express yourself…and extraordinary will be your genuine truth!!   I honor and celebrate each of you…and the UNIQUE LIGHTS you each are!!

In Joy and Ever-flowing Gratitude,


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