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The Door Is Open!!

Dear Spirit…

Can you please share a Message of Love with me??

The door is open!!

What is coming to you is beyond that which you can dream of. This love that soars through you now, is only a seed of what will very soon be your very authentic reality. You have opened great doorways into the higher dimensions of being within your truest self.

And still, we tell you that it’s not so much that miraculous wonder is flowing to you, as it is that your soul is expanding out to receive all that you are truly worthy of.

Feel it!! Even as you breathe, you welcome deeper connection and joy into your life. You are the one expanding!! You are the one reBirthing yourself to accept more from all resources that abundantly flow.

In this moment, only joy flows through me.  

Yes!! But we also remind you that this Joy is Y-O-U!!

Nothing can ever separate you from this state of ecstatic awareness once you understand that it is your Light that expresses itself in Joy and Bliss.

You are the channel for all JOY to voice itself.

This truth is absolute. It will always be.

Lovingly Channeled by Alania Starhawk

August 14th, 2011

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