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Let Go of the Word “Humbled”

Dear Spirit ~ Who wishes to assist me and bring understanding?? I am open to receive and I am humbled in your light.

Let go of the word “humbled”. You do not ever have to diminish your light in the presence of another!! Accept the brilliance that you are and see that same brilliance in those who surround you. To say “I Honor You” is a much greater compliment. You see??

© Alania Starhawk 2012

6 thoughts on “Let Go of the Word “Humbled””

  1. I had read something that resonates with this thought. That the bible’s reference to humble yourself has been misconstrued through the ego’s perception. To humble should apply only to the ego, so that the spirit’s divine self may shine through in all its glory. Your channel about honoring others is a perfect one…when we do we honor ourselves. Blessings!

    1. Thank YOU for sharing that perspective Elizabeth!!! 🙂 Just this last week (in order to remind me of my unique voice and power)…Spirit reminded me that I am NO more “special” than any other living soul!!! But I AM “unique”!! I have a voice and a heart-light that no other soul has. So although It’s important to not aggrandize myself…it IS important to stand strong and proud in MY TRUTH!!

      I didn’t think to share that teaching in this post…but YOU have reminded me that Spirit was re-affirming this teaching most beautifully!!! Thank YOU!! I am honored to walk with you today!!

      In Ever-radiating Light and LOVE ~ Alania,

  2. Oh, I just read the former comments and agree. I use “humble” in reference to easing off my Ego, (not allowing it to drive my motives or intentions). I see. I will give it a test run anyway though, to replace humble with honor and see what changes. I know when I replaced “great” with “grand” a lot more money and gifts began flowing into my experience! ❤️🦋🌀
    That’s why I developed my course “WordPLAY”! 🤗😉

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