Spirit Teachings

Gainesville Women’s Retreat

  Awakening the HEART of the Divine Feminine is bringing us Home, into wholeness and reMembrance, into self-acceptance and love.  The GODDESS calls our name. She calls to us, from within our own sacred soul!! It's time to reMember that WE are the women, the daughters, the sisters, and the mothers, that will give voice… Continue reading Gainesville Women’s Retreat

Mystical Musings

Creating Community ~ A BeTheLight Podcast

Blessings…my beautiful brothers and sisters!!! We are in an unprecedented time of Divine Awakening and Heart Expansion on this earth realm!!  Many of us are stepping into greater Self Awareness and Empowerment than every dreamt of….and we are beginning to recognize how vital to and entwined in the ever-flowing tapestry of LIFE we are!! We are ready… Continue reading Creating Community ~ A BeTheLight Podcast


Standing In Awe of God’s Divine Light

Let me begin by clearly stating that to me........God is that force of inexpressable incomprehensible LOVE that births all, sustains all, and empowers all.     Beyond any single identity....God is The Infinite ALL!!       Only Love can be known in his Light.    Judgment and punishment are not even a possibility!! I… Continue reading Standing In Awe of God’s Divine Light

Mystical Musings

Emotional Clearing……On Energetic Levels

Wowwww!!   How real emotional reminders and memories can be!! I was recently gifted an opportunity to journey through my chakra points in tune to music.     The exercise was designed to let us energetically feel the power and flow of each chakra (major energy centers within the body). I was fully caught unaware… Continue reading Emotional Clearing……On Energetic Levels

Mystical Musings

May It Be ‘Peace Day’ Every Day

Just a few moments ago...my son's grumpy early morning voice said "I don't want an english muffin".    I responded by saying "No grumpiness please.   It's Peace Day."     He instantly replied "I thought it was Peace Day yesterday."   And I proudly and joyfully expressed "Yes.   We're now making it Peace… Continue reading May It Be ‘Peace Day’ Every Day

Channeled Messages

Bearers of Divine Prophecy

Dear Spirit ~ how do you work with us today?? By encouraging you each to remember who you are. We are awaken your divine heritage, so that you may once again pick up your torch and be the bearer. Bearer of what?? Divine Prophecy!!   The prophecy that speaks of ancient elders walking this earth… Continue reading Bearers of Divine Prophecy