Mystical Musings

May It Be ‘Peace Day’ Every Day

Just a few moments ago…my son’s grumpy early morning voice said “I don’t want an english muffin”.    I responded by saying “No grumpiness please.   It’s Peace Day.”     He instantly replied “I thought it was Peace Day yesterday.”   And I proudly and joyfully expressed “Yes.   We’re now making it Peace Day every day!!”.

Our intricately and beautifully planned community Peace Day event was canceled due to impending weather and various unseen (but oh so wise) forces.     As all that I’d been envisioning and planning for months shifted course…I truly only felt PEACE in my heart.    I was so empowered to know that I wasn’t attached to any particular outcome.   I trust in the flow.

As it turned out…after all had been shifted to alternate visions for the day…the sun began to show more brightly than it had in days!!     Radiant souls still came out in expectations of an event…but were granted the opportunity to discern how they each wished to spend the precious time!!

I wasn’t there to guide them.   No music led the way.    It was now a beautiful challenge to their unique souls….”Will peace still be the way??”.

I will honestly share with you that on Saturday…as I sensed the ever-flowing disappointment from countless souls…I was deeply catapulted into cavernous past life insecurities.    A great big part of my spirit had believed that if I accept responsibility for great numbers….I have the potential to let them down.     And here I was…face to face with that experience once again.

I went through a myriad of emotions for several hours…until I came to THE bright and beautiful awareness that brought me true and deeeeeeppppp PEACE!!!     I was suddenly able to see that the disappointment I sensed flowing to me…was only a reflection of the disappointment I carried for more than a few thousand years.

I suddenly realized that the Priestess (in my repetitive past life vision) all dressed in white…upon alabaster steps…was the one who carried this great sadness and disappointment within her.    She still carries great guilt for not having the power to save others from their unique journeys and/or tragedies.

My whole body shook in the light of this new opportunity!!

Am I ready to FORGIVE MYSELF for believing that I may not be enough??     Am I ready to TRUST that I can hold no responsibility for being more than I naturally am??  

Life is ever-flowing.     It’s time to trust that if we are authentic in all moments…we are always enough!!

Life is meant to be shared.    We can’t play all the parts…and expect a neat and happy outcome.    We must allow others to play their parts tooooooooo.    We must offer all the opportunity to co-create with us…in beautiful authenticity.

I only need to honor my voice, my light, my truth….and release from needing others to see, validate, or appreciate that which I am.     They either see…most naturally…or life will continue to flow from there.  )))Smile(((

And SO……..I found greater Peace than I’d ever imagined could be!!!    It was not the day I’d envisioned…or that which I would have voluntarily chosen.    And YET…..I am now forever blessed because of this journey!!

On Sunday….we all gathered in a powerful way to celebrate the true INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE across the globe!!    Our hearts and hands were united….and waves of true LOVE flowed endlessly through…to touch who would be blessed upon this globe!!

I held no expectations of myself…and who I needed to be.    We all shared our voice…and co-created that ceremony as ONE RADIANT LIGHT!!!     Voices rose strong in harmony…and touched deep within my SOUL!!!!!     Bodies moved in JOY….laying the foundation for a WORLD OF PEACE and LOVE!!!!

Beyond words……WE WERE ONE!!

And SO………we are the microcosm for the macrocosm that is and will be!!

No great big plans led the way.    Only a heart-centered wish to UNITE and KNOW LOVE!!!

So what prevents us from creating this JOY each and every day??

What prevents us from envisioning hearts uniting…and disharmonies melting??

If PEACE BEGINS WITH ME…………then I shall endeavor to make it ‘Peace Day’ everyday!!!

Without intricate plans and expectations…I shall welcome the CELEBRATION of brotherly/sisterly love into my heart each day!!!


Thank YOU To MaryLou Houllis and New Beginning Oneness Center for loving me, supporting me, inspiring me, and encouraging me!!    Beyond measure….I LOVE YOU!!!! ♥

And… a perfect compliment to all that I’d embraced…a radiant sister walked up to me yesterday and expressed “Thank You for that wonderful walk in the park yesterday!!   It was blissful…and just what I needed.”

My heart rejoiced!!!   She got the message…….and accepted the privilege of CHOOSING her own joyful journey!!!    How precious she is to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Thank You Dear Spirit….for secretly planning this all!!!!!!!

In JOY and Absolute Wonder,


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