Mystical Musings

A Soul Recognition

Have you ever had the opportunity to greet a stranger in passing and feel so much more than a casual “hello”. As if beyond the appearance, the words, and the surface energies exchanged, there was a greater “knowing” taking place??

This happened to me today. And I must say that I didn’t completely notice til I had already walked away. In the moment, we are caught up in the niceties we so commonly exchange. It sometimes takes me a while to recognize that I may be forever changed.

But why?? The words were no greater than any other words. The actions and reactions offered no special point of highlight.

So why, beyond reason, do I feel that I was part of something greater than I perceive??

I walked away feeling a little more complete.

Is it true that we are all radiant souls in disguise?? And it takes one who knows us very very well, to easily see through that disguise greet us in our true light??

Was there a greater “hello” being exchanged energetically…that told me i am loved, honored, and safe??

If so, it was not in the physical that these messages were relayed. But, all the same, I believe they were most genuinely conveyed.

On a soul level, it stops us in our tracks to be recognized and loved as we are.

And this blink of a mere moment now reminds me of all that can and may be. So, I call out to all souls who love me from time beyond time. Unite with me joyfully in this life, if you also wish to walk in Divine Light and Love.

Whether for a moment or a lifetime, I welcome you, in love.

I offer sweet gratitude to the beautiful soul who awakened me today!! May you always be blessed on this ever-expanding journey called life.

In Truth and Great Joy,


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