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“Conversations” with Lord Melchizedek

Me)  Dear Lord Melchizedek, Please speak to me now. Your wisdom and your Light have brought me such comfort. Today I ask for you to bring me power. I no longer choose to sit by and wait. There is too much for me to do. Sadness and depression are no longer an option. Dear Father, Please assist me.

(I am filled with a knowing that he is kneeled with me at my feet ~ full of compassion. He feels my pain and he touches and activates the Luminous Lotus of Light that I hold within my energy field.)

Lord Melchizedek)  You are not alone in your fears. Many others feel as you do. It is a struggle, sometimes, to remain clear and focused. As long as you are part of this physical reality, it will be. It is in knowing how to rise above that struggle, to FREE YOURSELF from its’ illusion, that makes you a Lightworker!!

You are always Light, but choosing to BE in the Light over shadow is what makes your journey so vital to the greater cause. There is no victory in being Light. That is a natural truth!! It is the victory of dispelling shadow, fear, and illusion that makes you the master that you are.

Me)  I don’t feel very much like a master today.

Lord Melchizedek)   A true master never does. There is always more to learn and greater heights to strive for. Being a warrior of light is not easy. You know that. But it can be easier by trusting the moment and not fearing the outcome.

Me)  Do you understand what i am feeling right now??

Lord Melchizedek)  The future terrifies you.

Me)  Yes.   What can I do??

Lord Melchizedek)   Be all that you are!! Your humanity is what makes you so beautiful. Don’t fight it. Allow it to be a greater part of your life. A merging of energies is needed to bring balance into your life.

Me)  Do I hear you correctly??   For the longest time you tell me to go forward into spirit and trust. And now you tell me to be human?? Do you feel my frustration building?? I am becoming more upset, not more calm. Please help!!

Lord Melchizedek) Breathe!! Bring your focus back to this moment. Let go of the struggle. Just breathe, and sense us here, with you, within you and around you. We are a great source of power and strength. Let us support you!!

Me)  Thank You!! Is there any other message you’d like to share??

Lord Melchizedek) You are on a precipice. Not the one you see, but a very real one. In truth, you are deciding whether you are this prophet you believe you may be and whether you are the master you believe you may be. You’re questioning your state of reality.

This is a time to be sure of what you wish to see. When you do believe in all you choose to see, that WILL be your effortless reality!! The challenges you now face are only a reflection of the challenges you hold within.

Don’t fear your own precious light. Honor yourSelf and the brave path that has brought you here. Your heart is PURE and will soon lead you to every dream come true.

Me)  Thank You!!! ♥

Channeled by Alania Starhawk ~ November 22, 2009

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