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“Conversations” with Lord Ganesha

Me)  Dear Ganesha, I sense your presence. In truth, I ask for inspiration, for myself and others. 

Lord Ganesha) Oh, you beautiful soul. You are so close to walking through the final veil of separation.

This expansion of consciousness does not bring physical change to where you are or what you see. It simply allows you to see your surroundings as an infinite vibration and extension of your own divine Light. All that surrounds you is an intricate part of your own energy field.

So today we shall begin by asking you to FEEL and SEE your own energy. Feel the vibration, your own unique vibration and pattern, flowing into and through the infinite flow of all Life.

You are naturally connected to all things. But when you are fear-filled or distrusting, the bounty and support of all things is shielded from flowing through your heart clearly. Like a clogged water way, the energy flow finds an alternate route. Always flowing to you, only YOU decide how much enters directly into your energy field and at which level.

Picture layers and layers of your natural energy, all revealing a greater sense of Oneness, Truth and Love as they come closer to your heart-center. Each time you choose to trust Love more fully, you open the door for Divine Spirit to enter into your life.

Me)  Thank You!! This is so beautiful. I have never seen it like that.

Lord Ganesha)  There is no rush to reach the heart center in the blink of an eye. It’s the joy of feeling it enter layer by layer and CLEARING the old residue of a struggle-filled existence. As you accept more Love into your life, that Love NATURALLY clears away the old.

Sometimes the battle isn’t in dispelling old and battling what was. It really is in inviting the NEW into your life, and trusting it as real.


It’s simply up to you. What will you invite into your life?? Even now, when you are still caught up in the confusion of separation, unworthiness or fear. Simply ask for love to heal this situation.

“I Ask For Love To Heal This Situation!!”

No matter what the situation may be….

“I Ask For Love To Heal This Situation!!”

Love is perfect harmony, joy, balance, peace, prosperity, and light. If you experience any other emotion, there is room for Love to enter into your life. Simply by stating “I Ask For Love To Enter My Life” or “I Ask For Love To Heal This Situation”, you are opening the door to receive. This will allow Divine Spirit to flow closer and more truly into your heart.

The old will naturally be transmuted into Light and cleared from your energy field.

Naturally – YOU ARE PURE LIGHT – but your physical experience on this earth allows you to participate in a game of illusion so that you may discover your Beauty, Strength, and Light for yourself.

In your adversity ~ you find strength.  

In your sadness ~ you discover your ability to feel.  

In your confusion ~ you seek greater truth and understanding.   

You are in a process of DISCOVERING your truth, so that you may celebrate the Beauty  that you are!! Your every step is supported. You are forever loved.

Me)  Thank You Dear Ganesha!!   I am forever thankful!! ♥

Channeled by Alania Starhawk ~ October 18th, 2010 

2 thoughts on ““Conversations” with Lord Ganesha”

  1. Thank you dear Alaina for this insightful message. I especially connected with: > So…picture layers and layers of your natural energy…all revealing a greater sense of ONENESS, Truth and Love as they come closer to your Heart Center. Each time you choose to trust YOUR Divinity ~ Inner Strength ~ and Source of Love…you open the door for Divine Spirit to enter into your life. >

    The Conversation is so inspirational and filled with yours and Lord Ganesha’s love. I am grateful for this blessing. love and blessings, Pamela

    1. That’s the same part that i love also Pamela!! I have to remind myself that PURE LOVE is always flowing…but it is my decision to ACCEPT IT that makes the difference in my life!! 🙂 I love you sister!! Thank you for walking with me!!

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