Channeled Messages

Sacred Circles of Self

Dear Spirit, Please share a message of Love with me now.

There are infinite doorways and dimensions within Self, and within Light.

I see a visual of a circle within a circle within a circle, and so on.

As we become comfortable and at home within one, we naturally open the doorway to the next, and then the next.   

Each circle represents a dimension of consciousness and a gateway of awareness. 

As we watch the veils become thinner between each dimension, we laugh at how silly it even was to believe that we could be separate from it all. It is so much work to remain separate and in fear.  

Open that door!!! Accept all that flows.

Love heals all.  

Yes, even for you!!  Keep flooding your confusion with Love, and the beautiful Truth will reveal itself. All that is not Love will swiftly transform.

Have faith in the Light that you are.

For you have circle within circle of Truth, within yourSelf, to discover and embrace.

© Alania Starhawk 2013

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