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The Spiral Dance of a Soul Relationship

To be entwined with a pure soul who SEES our greater truth, and then to dance the spiral dance that brings us to and fro, can lift our hearts to soar and explore or to plunge them deep into a shadowy abyss.

For this is the spiral dance of a SOUL relationship!!  

Every spark of love and admiration burns brighter than the average spark. And in perfect balance, every disappointment or regret cuts deeper than the average cut.

How do we remain calm, balanced, and truthful with those we Love the most??

This lifetime is filled with countless soul relationships. If you have ever felt wholly and completely at home in another’s presence and embrace, then you have been blessed with a soul relationship.


Even though these souls are the ones we are most vulnerable with, these souls are always the ones who teach us our greatest lessons.   

When there is a soul cord linked, at higher and greater depths, every word, thought, and prayer reaches higher and greater depths. The unspoken holds greater power and the bravely conveyed truth can transmute all discord into precious and pure harmony.

Remember, these soul relationships are anchored on higher vibrations of being. Our current earth-relationship with this soul is only part of our greater tale. 

Does that make sense??

You have been dancing with this precious soul for more than one momentary lifetime.    

If you find that this may be true, then pause for a moment to consider the greater karmic pattern in play. Is this lifetime an opportunity to heal a long carried injustice?? Is this lifetime one of support and trusting guidance?? Is this lifetime a reward for past and pure unrequited love??

The possibilities are endless.

It’s so easy to respond to the ancient relationship that still speaks to our soul.

In truth, we are picking up where we left off. This is why we feel that we’ve known others our whole life. This sense of trust and intimate knowing is rising from deep within our cellular memories.

It’s also quite important to not romanticize a soul relationship. Just because we have walked together before, does not mean that it is healthy to walk together now.

Some soul relationships will lift us up to learn, grow, and have faith in ourselves, and others will push us hard to learn, grow, and have faith in ourselves!!

There’s a greater spiral dance at play. 

If, by chance, that dance has become complicated and challenging, make every effort to recognize that this SOUL is in your life because they love you.

No matter the experience, in this lifetime, if they are here for you, they LOVE the beautiful soul you truly are.

So honor the roles they play, celebrate the opportunities they bring, and surrender to the great and powerful SPIRAL DANCE of a soul relationship. 

Some are only part of your journey for a blink of a moment. 

When you are ready, another soul relationship will always come along.

© Alania Starhawk 2013

4 thoughts on “The Spiral Dance of a Soul Relationship”

  1. Dear Alania, How enlightening, inspirational and beautiful! I love the image. Thank you. love and peace in Light, Pamela

  2. Bravo ………………….   love you ………………. have a wonderful time in Alabama.

    Whirlwind Spirals ANGEL

    1. Ohhhhhhhhhh….my beautiful SISTER!!! You make my soul SOARRRRRRRRRRRRR in your Light!!! With you I spiral in bliss-ful awakening!! Thank YOU for being YOU!!

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