Universal Prayers for All

Blessings, My Brothers and Sisters!! I welcome YOU to join me, on Wednesday, August 1st, from wherever you are. I will be holding loving intentions for every bright soul who wishes to receive, while sitting within an epic gateway of Light at Phillipe Park, in Safety Harbor, FL. Will you join me??  You're invited to join… Continue reading Universal Prayers for All


These Wings Are Made for Soaring

Compared to the landscape of my entire life, this last year has been a bit super-charged. I like that. This is the moment I've been waiting for. You may ask "What is different, this year??" and I can only respond "I AM". Something has shifted inside of me, to know that I am WORTHY of… Continue reading These Wings Are Made for Soaring

Channeled Messages

A Time of Truth

One day, while in nature, a beautiful door of Light opened directly in front of me and this beautiful soul came through and sat directly across from me. This is the message he shared. From beyond the veils of linear time, I come to speak and tell you that it is not so long before… Continue reading A Time of Truth

Spirit Teachings

To My True Divine Love ~ I Welcome You ♥

I Call TO Me ~ The Perfect Soul ~ Who Recognizes ME Who Awakens LOVE In Me ~ At Depths Full and Clear Who Activates My Energy To Be Fully AWAKE ~ ALIVE ~ and PRESENT In Each Moment Who Sees Me Who Loves Me Who Honors Me AS I AM ♥ Who Helps Me To… Continue reading To My True Divine Love ~ I Welcome You ♥

Mystical Musings

The Spiral Dance of a Soul Relationship

To be entwined with a pure soul who SEES our greater truth, and then to dance the spiral dance that brings us to and fro, can lift our hearts to soar and explore or to plunge them deep into a shadowy abyss. For this is the spiral dance of a SOUL relationship!!   Every spark… Continue reading The Spiral Dance of a Soul Relationship

Mystical Musings

A Soul Recognition

Have you ever had the opportunity to greet a stranger in passing and feel so much more than a casual "hello". As if beyond the appearance, the words, and the surface energies exchanged, there was a greater "knowing" taking place?? This happened to me today. And I must say that I didn't completely notice til… Continue reading A Soul Recognition

Mystical Musings

A Prayer of LIGHT and LOVE

May we each hold a vision of ONE UNITED LIGHT surrounding ALL who find themselves in need of support. See this Light touching all in need - young and old -  in crowds and alone - the strong and the fearful.  Every bright soul is our BROTHER and SISTER in Light. Let us bring support… Continue reading A Prayer of LIGHT and LOVE