Channeled Messages

The Precipice

We’re standing at the precipice of ALL we’ve ever known!!

Can you feel the depth of those words…reverberating truth in greater and greater ways??    Those words can bring instant clarity to this particular moment in any personal situation…or to a birds eye view of your entire lifetime…or to a truly esoteric vision of our united consciousness flowing without end through all things.

From any and all perspectives…we ARE a culmination of all we’ve ever known!!   And in this moment we have the honor and privilege of reaping our just rewards!!

Does that scare you??   Is your vision so focused on the two inches of experience in front of you…that you have neglected to notice the brilliance of ALL you’ve been???

Please…in this moment…expand your awareness outward to REMEMBER!!!    Scream to the universe “I AM READY TO REMEMBER!!”    Because…in all truth and sincerity…you have not been placed on this earth to suffer!!   Do you hear me???   That is not even a possibility!!

We each have been given an opportunity in this lifetime to experience, to create, to imagine, to overcome and to LOVE!!!    IF you are here….it is because you had the strength to face illusion and separation once again.    BUT….the illusion and separation is not your greatest truth!!!    You are so much more than you can imagine yourself to be.     And THAT is the truth that stands with you now!!!

So find the strength and the passion that flows within….and stand in YOUR truth…embracing the beauty and blessings of EVERY experience seen and unseeen!!    Begin to feel your heart awaken…as you imagine all you’ve been throughout time.    You have only incarnate now…in this powerful age…because you are prepared and ready for this experience!!!    There is nothing that can overwhelm the greatest YOU that is!!!     YOU ARE AMAZING!! ♥  You stand with the POWER of all Love, all Truth, all Wonder!!   IT IS YOU!!!!!

And now…that you know where you stand…LOOK AHEAD!!    From this greater perspective can you see the JOY waiting for you??    Can you see the treasures of infinite wonder flowing to you??   Can you see the respect and admiration of radiant souls as they walk forward with you??

Beyond the precipice IS our new destiny!!    It is all we’ve conceived to be….and all we are so valiantly worthy of!!    It IS our new truth…without limitation or fear!!   It IS our greatest heart’s desire!!

So i ask…”Why a precipice??”

Spirit’s Answer:   Because to step over the precipice is to leave the past behind.    It will always be with you…as an honored and recorded memory of your journey.   But…those beliefs, perspectives and experiences will no longer represent you and your truth!!    They will be an honored part of your journey!!

What lies over the precipice defies logic and reason.    This new realm and reality is governed by your HEART and all you may imagine to BE.    It holds no judgement…no limitation…and no expectations.    Only free ever-changing EXPRESSION!!!!

So i ask “Are you speaking of a transition that we attain to in our future??”

We speak of the transition that you are IN right now!!   With every breath you cling more to this new reality we speak of.    And one day you will take the final leap.     Not to change your physical surroundings…but to claim this new vision as your own!!

To see only love and precious blessings in your path!!

To feel deep gratitude and peace fill your entire being!!

To radiate light…without concern for it’s acceptance!!

To be all you choose to be…as you are so inspired!!

To live without bounds or imagined limitations!!


I can see it now.    This precipice marks the divide between two unique states of BEING!!    One is FREE TO BE!!   One questions what may be.  

Now THAT is something for me to consider more deeply.


And…just to confirm….”Dear Spirit…I AM READY TO REMEMBER!!!!”

In Infinite Joy and Wonder,


2 thoughts on “The Precipice”

  1. Dearest Alania, I love everything about your post, but these two lines really resonated: “You are so much more than you can imagine yourself to be.” and “To radiate light…without concern for it’s acceptance!!” I think I’ll tape them to my mirror. 🙂 Thank you!


    1. Haha…you make me giggle because i do the same thing!! Just because the words come through me…doesn’t mean than i’ve mastered them all yet. And “To radiate light…without concern for it’s acceptance!!” is the line that most resonated with me too!!!! ♥ I pray that i soon embody this truth fully and completely!! THANK YOU for sharing!! I’m grateful!! xoxo


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