Mystical Musings

“I AM” …without censor

There is true power held in the union of these two little words. They invoke a wave of manifest remembrance when spoken with authority and conviction. They imply authentic reality in this exact moment.


I have lifted my spirit into many transcendent states with the ever-flowing expressions of “I AM”.

I AM Love Embodied

I AM Divine Truth Awakened

I AM Infinite Light Birthing Itself Freely and Fearlessly

These declarations do hold power!! Don’t they??

And yet, this morning I am deeply motivated and inspired to simply embody and awaken the “I AM” that genuinely is, without censor or limitation.

This morning I am wise enough to know that the indescribable “I AM” that encapsulates all knowing, all life, and all beingness, is beyond my current comprehension. And still……… is a great and wondrous part of me!!!

I stand open, receptive and aware, welcoming the blissfully intoxicating “I AM” into my being!! Without words, expectations, limitations, or censorship of any kind.

I stand strong and welcome the great “I AM” into mySelf.

In this and all moments:


…and so it is

© Alania Starhawk 2014

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