Mystical Musings

“I AM” …without censor

There is true power held in the union of these two little words. They invoke a wave of manifest remembrance when spoken with authority and conviction. They imply authentic reality in this exact moment. I AM I have lifted my spirit into many transcendent states with the ever-flowing expressions of "I AM". I AM Love Embodied… Continue reading “I AM” …without censor

Mystical Musings

Our Hearts Are The Greatest Natural Resource We Have

Our hearts are the greatest natural resource we have. And for most of us, the true power of the heart is still untapped. But with intention and awareness, that can and will shift. We are actually creating Heaven on Earth by remaining heart-centered!! ♥ © Alania Starhawk 2014

Mystical Musings

Transforming Betrayal Into Self-Empowerment

Are you ready to free yourself from feeling less-than-loved?? I find myself a bit triggered this morning by an old memory and experience that allowed me to be treated less-than-kindly. The soul who offered the less-than-kindly energy (a few years ago) was truly not an important soul in my life. I wasn't emotionally attached to… Continue reading Transforming Betrayal Into Self-Empowerment

Channeled Messages

The Enlightened Ones

In your bravery, you have chosen to walk as the illuminated master being that you are. It is written, '...and they will walk among us.'  And so, this is you!!   The enlightened ones shall walk the earth and remind us of our greatest truth; That we hold the potential to create worlds and lifetimes… Continue reading The Enlightened Ones

Mystical Musings

A Silent Creed and Manifesto!!

There's a silent underlying story that we've each adopted as our manifesto and creed. It so often remains hidden in the shadows of our heart, and is veiled into a perceived non-existence by the countless hopes, dreams, and intentions we set for ourselves daily. But it is still a part of our underlying belief system… Continue reading A Silent Creed and Manifesto!!