“Let Me Be Your Voice!”

I remember the vision that finally encouraged me to trust in my sacred gift of clear sight and knowing.

I remember the moment that I accepted myself to authentically be a divine channel and angelic messenger in this world.

It was 2007. Up until that point, I was on a personal journey to find peace in my own life. I was curiously exploring my own infinite potential and divine truth.

Spirit was guiding me.

Everyday was a new opportunity to see my life through the eyes of my guides, guardians, and spiritual teachers—all of which were in Spirit only.

I share many of these early stories in my book, Divine Self: Awakening into Sacred Remembrance. 

Timeless masters of higher consciousness and enlightenment, like Buddha, Blessed Mother, Lord Vishnu, and Isis were teaching me how to see the complexities of this life with compassion, confidence, and love.

They were empowering me to remember who I am, beyond all limited perceptions and indoctrinated assumptions. They were reminding me of my soul's eternal nature.

My relationship with these incredible beings of Light transformed my entire understanding of Life! They brought peace to the sorrow I knew, and light to the shadows I held within.

But, to be clear, this was a personal journey.

I wasn't sharing my experiences with others. I wasn't teaching or inspiring others yet. I wasn't even intending to do so.

I was only exploring the miracle of my own divine self. 

In the vision I spoke of above, I was surrounded by waves of countless Lightbeings who all wanted to bring through a message of love. They all wanted to support humanity and remind us of our infinite potential.

But I also knew that it was difficult for their message to reach into human awareness without a sacred visionary to receive and translate the messages for them.

I knew that they were asking me to be that intermediary, that channel, that vessel of hope and love.

And in that single, life-changing moment, I screamed:

"Let me be your voice!"

These were huge words for me. Gargantuan, really.

You see, I enjoyed being anonymous and unseen. The concept of being an inspiration for others was overwhelming.

But then, I came back to the simplicity of it all.

I never truly have to be an inspiration to anyone. Not as an effort, goal, or expectation, anyway. I only have to be the voice for all that flows from the higher planes of consciousness.

That's easy for me. I can do that! That's my greatest joy and passion.

So that prayer, "Let me be your voice!" became a mantra that led me forward into every unfolding opportunity and blessing.

It still does.

Those words are still a foundational part of my core values, and always will be.

It's a great privilege to bring life to the healing messages of hope, forgiveness, empowerment, peace, and love that flow so abundantly from the divine realm. 

They are so very needed.

One year after that vision and passionate life-changing declaration, I trusted myself to be a divine channel and sacred visionary for others. I made it my career choice!

For these past 12 years, I've inspired, supported, activated, and attuned a lot (far too many to count) of amazing, wonderful, extraordinary souls—by simply being a sacred voice for the divine. 

Opening doors of consciousness where the realms of divinity and humanity can merge and unite! This is my mission.

But still, the mission continues.

From the humblest of beginnings, "Let me be your voice!" takes on new life and meaning. Always, expanding my own perceptions of what is and what can be.

Through writing, teaching, private counseling, and spiritual mentoring I strive to honor this sacred path with integrity, gratitude, and ever-flowing awe.

Immense gratitude flows to everyone who has ever let me "be the voice". I couldn't do any of this without you! 

Sharing in your journey is my greatest honor. 

Thank you for trusting me.

© Alania Starhawk 2020

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