Choose Wisely

The easiest and surest way to give up our personal power, our freedom, our sense of security, peace, and to BELIEVE that we are without choice!!! Never can that authentically be. With every life-giving breath, infinite choices and opportunities flow. At subconscious and conscious levels of being, we are actively aligning with one belief… Continue reading Choose Wisely

Mystical Musings

Relationship with the Divine

As I sit in blissful stillness this morning, I recognize that THE single relationship I value and treasure most in my life, is the one I have with God, Source, Universe, and Spirit. At a deep level of intimate knowing, this relationship reminds me that I AM infinite within my own BEing, too. For every… Continue reading Relationship with the Divine

Affirmations and Invocations

Contemplating Upon “My Divine Self”

Here's a playful and random unfolding of all that conceptually aligns me with "my divine self" Holding deep PEACE within...knowing my choices, efforts and expressions are always perfect in all moments Trusting that I AM safe, secure and loved......and can be no less No longer needing to prove my worth to myself or another Allowing… Continue reading Contemplating Upon “My Divine Self”

Channeled Messages

Any “Fall” From Divinity Can Only Be By Perception 

I was gifted a vision last week.   It's a vision I've seen before......but this time it's symbolism became crystal clear. I was dressed in pure a priestess of Divine Grace.   I found myself at the bottom of beautiful stairs that led to a Sacred Pyramid.   I knew that I had been… Continue reading Any “Fall” From Divinity Can Only Be By Perception 

Affirmations and Invocations

I Consciously Choose….

With an open and passionate heart I call out to every Master of Light who walks with me!! I call out to every Guardian of Light who accompanies me on this journey!! BE WITH ME!! ♥ Stand strong with me now as I consciously choose to lovingly CREATE my reality!! I welcome BLESSINGS in every unfathomable… Continue reading I Consciously Choose….