The Truth of God

Prepare yourselves!! For the truth is something that might never be understood, but is already known.

Forget everything that you think you know. This tale of all-encompassing Beingness is one that must be told.

In truth, for a long moment, I had stopped using the word God in my vocabulary. I had felt abandoned and unseen, even though I desperately wanted to believe.

When I began to finally hear the voice of God – as I had perceived it to be – it was in response to my agonizing cries for understanding. I called out, without expecting any response. For who could even imagine that a physical response would be possible.

But, it was happening. Regularly.

God, as I saw him (no capital H is needed), was bringing through clear messages of hope, peace, and love. He was taking away all the pain and anguish I had been feeling, by simply reminding me that I am always supported and cared for, without exception.

He never implied that he was the one protecting me and healing me. He only reminded me that my safety and security was a constant.

There was no judgment, and there were no righteous commands. There was only the presence of Love enveloping me completely.

These moments of intimate connection to God continued, until other great teachers and masters in Light began to appear, bringing the same loving frequency and energy into their communications with me.

It became comfortable for me to speak directly to Buddha, Isis, Lord Vishnu, and more. They all became an extension of the Light I knew as God.

But there is one phenomenal experience I have never shared with another soul. It took me quite a while to understand, even though the truth of it all was clear to my soul.

I was in gentle prayer, asking for deeper understanding, as I often do. In vision state, a great immense being of immeasurable size knelt before me and bowed his head to honor “my” presence.

I remember feeling small and unworthy, but knowing that this moment was all that I had been waiting for, upon some grand cosmic state of higher awareness.

As I asked to understand, I saw the chasms of time and space open within his bodily form. I saw galaxies spiraling and children aging into wise ancients. I saw love unbridled and touching all in its embrace. I saw all that is and could ever be.

I then watched my own energy flow into his fullness (from the base of my being into the base of his being), as if he would be incomplete without my contribution to his essence. And then the totality of his immeasurable Light continued to flow into my own perception of Self (from the crown of his being to the crown of my own), as if no aspect of his fullness was separate from my fullness.

The circle of Life was in full display.

Whether I saw myself as Creator or Creation, the miracles of Light were the same. Only the appearance was different.

It took me time to sit with this vision because it was challenging everything I had ever been told about God, about Life, and about Truth.

In essence, I was now being shown that God is the totality of all that is, seen and unseen, and nothing ever could be separate from God’s presence and grace. It’s an impossibility!!

God doesn’t want anything from us. He (for lack of a more appropriate pronoun) wants only to remind us that we hold the same potential and limitless power that he holds. It’s all ours to direct and wield, in love.

I accept this as the ultimate truth, without exception. But I also recognize that very few people see it this way because this is an awareness that has been lost.

If this truth resonates with you, ask for clarity and confirmation within yourself!! For you are the totality of God’s Light as much as I am.

As Buddha tells me…

“We are each an extension of the same Light, expressing ourselves uniquely.”

I strongly believe that all pain, sorrow, and conflict – as a human collective – comes from our perceived separation between our Self and our God Self.

We see ourselves as unworthy and in need of “saving”, but this is a false understanding. All perceptions of separation and unworthiness have been programmed and indoctrinated!! They hold no truth.

If you remember, that immeasurable force of Light was kneeling down to me. If we move our ego to the side, that act of kneeling was important. It essentially was saying, I bow to the Light in you. Which is, in fact, an ancient Sanskrit term of greeting.

Namaste = The divine Light in me bows to the divine Light in you

God, breathes in harmony with us, offering us every opportunity to walk as one Light through this experience called Life.

Will you accept?

There is nothing to prove yourself worthy of.

Your only responsibility is to believe…..

You are God and God is You.

From there, all is possible.

6 thoughts on “The Truth of God”

  1. Love this post Alania! I totally agree with every word, we are One with God and we are a part of that light.we just have to believe in it and open ourself to receive all the love there is.
    Love you!

  2. Yes!!! This is what I’ve been saying… ❤️❤️❤️

    It’s all about Omniscience! Oh, my heart sings, as I read your words into my spiraling heart space!!! I am enveloped by Omniscience and KNOW each of us are a fractal of it. Effortlessly expressing Omniscience always. OM ❤️🦋🌀🙏☯️😉😘

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