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Do You Believe??

I’m not speaking of any “thing” in particular. I’m curious about your ability to believe in the indefinable, the orgasmic, and the wondrous!!

Do you fully TRUST and BELIEVE that it is absolutely real – and available to you??

I do, definitely.

And, lets be honest, I don’t, completely.

It’s still a tad bit complicated at times – and THIS is exactly what frustrates me.

Why is it still a bit challenging to believe in everything I know I believe in??

Yes. I hear the absurdity in those words. But I still mean them.

We’re already wise enough to know that we deserve every magnificent blessing that can be, and yet, we often resist the overflowing abundance that certainly flows.

I strive to be a believer of all that is magical and inconceivable – but I also notice that I still search for the mis-truths and hidden puppet strings (however gently) of every beautiful offer – as if my skeptic meter is still in overdrive from a previous lifetime of distrust.

Aaaaagghhh!! I am so ready to reprogram these defensive beliefs.


How about you??

Let’s welcome some heightened insights from the divine – to expand our perception of all that is ours to create with.

Beautiful Spirit, I ask for guidance and clarity. Assist us in transmuting our tendencies to doubt and distrust. We are ready to BELIEVE in all expansive wonder, seen and unseen.

How beautiful you are!! Knowing what you want, even if you can’t yet discern how to find it. Let us make this easy for you. Remind yourself, over and over (if you must), that you are already living your MOST abundant life!!

Trust that ease, grace, and miraculous blessing are already YOURS to embrace. It’s all right here!!

There is nothing to find or to change.

It’s all right here.

Your first instinct might be to distrust these words, but ‘distrust’ is not natural to you. It has been programmed through experiences based in fear and lack. But those experiences are in the past and they do not define you any longer!!

You are here, in a fresh new moment, knowing that YOU ARE READY for more.

What a phenomenal place to be!!

We encourage you to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF before you begin believing in anything outside of yourself. For this is the KEY to every miracle that now unfolds in your life.

There is a pure source of LOVE within you!!

BELIEVE IN IT – and create space for it to shine through. It will attract everything you wish to know, experience, and discover.

It will also keep you connected to ABUNDANT BLESSINGS in all ways.


Everything else will be easy, by far.

3 thoughts on “Do You Believe??”

  1. I want to believe. I am struggling with connecting and feeling. I feel out of place. Not sure why

    1. We all move through those stages of disbelief!! It’s natural. I am here to support you!! I know how beautiful your spirit is. You are worthy of every happiness!! 💗 Let’s connect very soon.

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