Prayer As A Path to Empowerment

As beings of Light, you and I are intimately connected to God and the Divine. Our hearts beat in unison with the single reverberating heartbeat that nurtures all Life and sustains all Creation.

We are already connected to everything that can possibly be, in truth. So why do we doubt our security?

When we move into fear, at any level of awareness, we feel disconnected, vulnerable, and powerless—but this perception will always distract us from the POWER that we do officially hold within.

We can no longer allow ourselves to feel intimidated by any form of life, conscious or physical. So let's talk about the POWER OF PRAYER as a path to our empowerment, both personally and collectively.

It's quite possible that you were taught to pray in a beseeching manner, humbly requesting something that might be gracefully granted, or not. It's certainly how I was taught to pray as a child, but I've moved beyond that now.

Each time I held the words "God, have mercy upon us" in my prayers, I felt sick. God did not teach us those words! They were not divine, and they were not filled with love and compassion. They were not encouraging me to feel safe; they energized the perception of struggle and lack.

Can you understand this? Have you already moved beyond that form of "prayer" too?

Prayer is a form of Communion between our Self and the Divine—a conscious connection that removes all perception of separation and disconnect.

With this understanding, we see that God, and the Divine, are LISTENING to all that we share. They are awaiting our empowered directives, so that they may support us in easily manifesting all we desire.

This is not a time to questions ourselves. We must be confident and sure about our requests, while honoring and respecting this awesome soul connection.

I like to see each beautiful prayer as "an invocation" to the Divine. We are guiding it into the physical through our sacred relationship with all that is infinite and boundless. 

What is it that you would like to see for your Self and all humanity? Be the Director of our experience!

See healing where there is sickness.

See community where there is separation.

See empowerment where there is doubt.

See abundance where there is lack.

See wisdom where there is ignorance.

See strength where there is weakness.

See peace where there is discord.

See love where there is fear.

Hold a vision of Heaven and Earth united, as One.

We are the Light Bringers and the Way Showers! In order to "bring the light" and "show the way", we have to move beyond all that appears. We must invoke divine frequency upon the earth plane—as only we can.

Do not question your power. You are the one calling all miraculous healing into manifestation!

God, and the Divine, are only responding to our loving directives. They speak to us now:

"Wake up! Remember that this is the time you've prepared for. Your voice is needed in more ways that you know. Be the pathway of Peace and Love. Let it be! We await your call."

Can you sense it? This is the opportunity you've been waiting for—to make a difference in phenomenal ways.

Your PRAYER is what's needed now.

It's our confident visions that will usher in a new earth paradigm—one founded in peace and love.

Trust your Self to "see" the way.

© Alania Starhawk 2020

Alania Starhawk

Divine Channel | Spiritual Mentor | Author | Sacred Visionary

Alania’s beautiful gift of sight and knowing can assist you in connecting to your own guides, guardians, higher self, and ancient truth. Through inspirational messages and channelings, lightbody activations, and cellular downloads, she brings support to your earth journey and your own soul’s expansion. She effortlessly radiates the Light and Truth that powerfully awakens the “I AM” in you.

3 thoughts on “Prayer As A Path to Empowerment”

  1. Ah, thank you dear siStar Alania!! Yes, and truly what I needed to read this morning!

    I have been down. Or at least, a mixed bag of thoughts for the last week or so. A compilation of a lot of things.

    You remind me that the Bible was written by men seeking God, so of course those words asking for mercy were not Divine. And indeed all “words” are man made. AHA! Yes, even for me, a self proclaimed wordsmith, I still have Aha moments about WORDS! (Laughing at and with myself now).

    You have reminded me of something I came to know 3 years ago also, and that I wrote of here:

    1. Thank you, beautiful sister!! I have to keep reminding myself that words only carry the meanings I give it. Even my concept of “beautiful” becomes infinitely more accepting and inclusive when I surrender to a greater truth. Thank you for journeying with me, in love! You are so special. 💜

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