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Worlds of Sacred Truth

There's an "outer world" and an "inner world" to all things.

One world brings focus and attention to that which is visible and apparent, and the other brings focus and attention to that which can only be known through the senses.

The outer world seduces the mind to believe it knows, but since "outer" signifies something that lies outside of direct contact and connection, it can only project a truth that is open to boundless interpretation.

Simply stated, it can mean many different things to many different people.

The inner world speaks to our heart. It conveys a truth that is always known, but not always understood (by logic and rational thought alone). It's a personal plane of awareness that is shaped solely by our own insights, perceptions, and beliefs.

To be clear, the inner world is entirely subjective. It is governed by its own set of guidelines and bounds, and needs no validation for all that it uniquely accepts as true and real.

It is a sovereign world of independent free-will.

I've been thinking about this quite a bit lately. Since our global community is moving through an epic moment of shift and change, there are many different truths presenting themselves. But, factually, this is an unprecedented time, like no other. Everyone is finding their own way through as best as they can.

This means that there will be many varying interpretations to all that is happening in the world. They can't all bring me comfort, in a personal way.

Some of them, in fact, do the exact opposite.

When humanity is a bit lost and without direction, the mind can misdirect us in fantastic ways.

This is why I'm spending more time focusing on my inner world of personal truth and awareness. This allows me to discern truth for myself, without needing it to be validated by logic, or the world at large.

If you are moving through moments of anxious confusion, I encourage you to silence the outer world for just a bit! Still the voices that are all overlapping in your mind, to create space for the ILLUMINATING TRUTH that is rising from within.

Dive deep into your Heart for inspiration and comfort. Trust in the gentle whispers that remind you, "You are safe!"

My inner world is an entire realm of miraculous possibility and empowered potential. In this world, I trust that there are unseen blessings perpetually happening for each of us. I see humanity rising into self-awareness and commanding a graceful way through each proposed challenge.

I see calm, peace, wisdom, healing, grace, and love flowing abundantly, bringing us closer and closer into union with each other and all life.

We can no longer entertain the perceptions of fear and struggle, when we first sense the force of sacred power that exists upon these inner planes.

I'm seeing this truth through my own inner world of intuitive heart awareness, but this subtle world also exists upon a global scale too. Through my own divine sight, I'm connecting to humanity's inner world of transformational growth and planet earth's inner world of timeless evolution.

These are authentic realms of non-physical truth. They are ever present and available to all who wish to look beyond that which merely appears.

If you are not being inspired by the complex (and sometimes scary) stories that are being told right now, look within for guidance and truth. Feel your way through, even when you can't validate that truth to others.

It's our privileged right to forge our own way forward.

It has taken me a long moment to still my busy mind, but I am now anchored in self-awareness and divine presence.

This is Home for me.

I am feeling hopeful, faithful, blessed, and energized. I can't explain why, but this is my truth.

Throughout this transitional time, my inner world serves as my sanctuary of peace. It energizes me, sustains me, and keeps me focused on love.

Do not forget to look within!

It might be exactly what you need to remind you of how safe, secure, and loved you are.

The outer world is only as personal as we allow it to be.

© Alania Starhawk 2020

3 thoughts on “Worlds of Sacred Truth”

  1. Thank you….this is the moment to deepen and transform. I am thankful for being steady with the sense of well-being at this time. My prayer is that many of the many awaken to their heart song……sacred wisdom.

  2. Once again, and as ALL ways (Always), you open and enhance my own inner knowing with the words you share here, dear siStar! I love that we don’t have to know how to validate our inner truth to anyone else! And this thought helps me right now as I hold a knowing of how much meditation helps me (it takes me to my inner sanctuary!), while a dear loved one only uses prayer (and thinks meditation is witchcraft). Ugh! But again, it is not my job to convince him it isn’t.
    I also know sooo many people who claim they cannot quiet their mind. Well, I couldn’t either (for many years), until I began a meditation practice about 5 years ago.
    Much love and many blessings in ALL ways. ❤️🦋🌀

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