Channeled Messages

Deeper, Still??

How can there be “more” to face, within the depths of my Self??

When will I begin to rise??

“This is not who I am”, I tell myself.

But, maybe that’s where I’m wrong.

Who am “I” if I am not everything that is authentically a part of me.

I move through each door of perceived challenge and pain, only to seemingly appear back where it all began.

Round in circles??
How can that be??

I’m wise enough to know that all experience moves me forward, gracefully, and supports me, miraculously.

I know this.
I believe this.

But, maybe, that wisest part of me isn’t the part of me that is orchestrating this moment of purposeful doubt and questioning.

Perhaps I’m finally brave enough to give voice to the part of me who doesn’t know and doesn’t understand.

But, if that’s true, then who am I??

I am the one who knows, the one who guides, the one who supports, the one who heals, and the one who fixes.

Who am “I” if I am not these things??

And so, I sense Spirit with me now, whispering words of wisdom to every beautiful and worthy part of my infinite Self:

Dear One…

There is nothing to do and nothing to know. You already hold all wisdom, knowledge, and truth – and need only to TRUST that you hold all wisdom, knowledge, and truth.

To move through this moment of perceived challenge and pain, we encourage you to LISTEN to your own heartbeat.

Go deeper into your Self – not deeper into the pain.

Be present in the stillness. Let go of believing that you should be anywhere other than right here.

SILENCE – is you way through.

Your mind is busy.

Too busy.

Practice stillness.

It is where your PEACE lies.

Even the stories you tell yourself, of knowing and not knowing, will fall away – once you learn to LOVE your Self – regardless of circumstance.

The part of you that is searching, isn’t looking for our love.

She is looking for your own.

Are you ready to see yourself as fully and completely lovable??

It’s the only truth you have yet to accept.

You are absolutely perfect as you are.

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  1. Ah, I see the spiral now, going inward. I never thought of that before, so I am unsure what it means–unless maybe it’s because of the word “deeper.” Yes, in silence we find our answers. Lovely, profound, and always in ALL ways, engaging. 😉

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