Channeled Messages

Words for an Enlightened Mind

I hear these words reverberating, in my mind-space, as I surrender to sleep in the very last minutes of what felt like a full and productive day.

Spirit wishes to expand my awareness. So, I gracefully accept these channeled words that speak to so much more than my logical mind.

These are the words that bring Enlightenment to the parts of me that have been searching.

Who are you??

When all you've known no longer resonates.

Who are you??

When you bravely abandon the paths of empty treasures and false securities.

Who are you??

In the boundless void and the infinite potential that can be.

Who are you??

This is the mystery that scholars have spent lifetimes contemplating. And it is the very question that can never truly be known for more than any singular "now" moment, by your own precious soul and no other.

For the answer is as boundless as the mystery itself.

Who are you??

Whoever you wish to be!!

It's the only answer that can be.

Let the exploration of this thought bring you to ever-expanding discoveries, with each new moment that passes.

For you are the All and the All is you—including the void (where all appears to be lost and confused).

Every experience brings you into deeper awareness of the fullness you are.

Keep challenging your concepts of what can be!!

For the moment you stop asking 'Who am I??', is the moment you surrender to all you've ever known.

Is that enough for you??

Even in the non-choice, you choose.

Be as bold, as brave, as formless, and boundless as you choose.

You are alive, and in motion, for the greatest of all grand purposes.


Only you can know what this means for you, today, in this perfect "now" moment.

Be brave, dear ones.

You are brighter than you know.

© Alania Starhawk 2019

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  1. Ah, I’ve missed a few of your posts! Yes, to the ALL. And yes, to our BEing infinite potential–to express in any and all ways that bring us JOY, smiles, laughter, and Love within! 😉

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