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Brother Buddha…and The Wish

Dear Buddha, I sense your Love and presence. Please share a message of Love with me today.

I am your brother. There is no separation between myself and you. We are one Heart and one Love. When you cry, I cry. When you celebrate, I radiate your joy. We are an extension of each other – an extension of the SAME Light reflecting in different ways.

The fun part is that you are just learning how to control your Light. You are still learning how to make your Light dance in any way you wish. I have been where you are, and it seems not so long ago.

You believe that you are so far from where I am, but you are but a wish away. What wish do you choose?? Any wish you desire. Think big!! Allow your imagination to climb. Reach for the stars and trust that this “wish” is R-E-A-L.

There is nothing imaginary about anything you wish. It is simply your ego allowing yourself to dream outside the box. But what if the ultimate truth is that there is NO box?? Would the “wish” be fantasy or would it be truth??

From my perspective, it is authentic and true!! From my perspective, you are part of all that is and can be. So to wish ANY thing, it would never be outside of Truth. The trick is to WISH from your heart, not your head. No doubt, fear or confusion exists within the heart. It can’t. Only LOVE exists within your heart-space.

So open your heart, connect to the TRUTH that flows, and wish any wish you can imagine!!

Thank You. I am forever grateful for your guidance and trust. And for me, your sacred sister of the Light, what message do you have for me??

Put down the anger and distrust. It is old and no longer needed for your journey.

I need to be surrounded by some purer souls.

Oh, that’s not true. Every soul is pure and can be no less. What do you SEE in them?? That’s where the challenge lies. You are deserving of energies who love and appreciate yours, but do not judge them to be pure or not. Every soul is on their divine journey. You need not be touched or affected by their energy.  If you are, then the place to heal is within you.

This is a great challenge for many, and not easy to master. But for you, it is simple.   You’ve done it before. And this will only be an awakening of the Compassionate Heart that lives and beats already within. You just will learn how to not analyze your response or to protect yourself. You will allow every soul to be as they are, in their infinite divine Beauty.

Don’t concern yourself with that which exists outwardly. Hold your own. Speak your truth. Love always.

Thank You!!  Thank You!!  Thank You!!   You are amazingly wise.

Dear Buddha, you saw me back when, when I was just a babe in this world of infinite spirit and light. You opened my mind more than any other I’ve known. To be here now with me, today, what message do you share??

You think the space from there to here is so great. I see only a blink of time has passed. I see a beautiful dance of Life and Joy as you remember that you are FREE from this illusion of the material world and separation. You may want congratulations, but I believe it to be a much greater compliment to tell you clearly, that ALL you ARE, I’ve ALWAYS seen in you!!

If you’ve ever believed yourself to be less than you are, then that is not true. It simply is that you have not discovered, in truth, all that I see in you. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2012


6 thoughts on “Brother Buddha…and The Wish”

  1. Alania, this is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing so openly and freely.
    I am so honored that you crossed my path. I love you so much, Jerry

    1. Beautiful Brother…THIS is the message I needed to re-read today!!! It has reminded me of my greater truth. Thank YOU!!! Today….you are my messenger!!! 💕 I Love You!!!

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