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My Throne of Interdimensional Light

Massive Portals of Light were calling out to me everywhere, upon my recent adventure to Sacred France and England. These Portals are ANCIENT and they were originally held with very high frequency. They were built on, and beneath, high points of natural power. They were built to keep the all earth energies in balance and harmony. Each held unique purpose, but all served the global collective.

There was an understanding, that each POINT OF POWER upon the earth, was a Portal to anchor clarity, truth, and connection to infinite realms of Being.

Many of these Portals lie dormant now, awaiting ACTIVATION into this exact moment in time. They call out to us, reminding us that We are now the Masters that open their channels with power and purpose. We are the ones who are Awakening the LIGHT upon the earth plane.

These stones carry great Power.

We were driving back from a little town named Hatpoul, super high up in the Pyrenees Mountains. On the drive back down, to flat land, we followed the uber narrow and twisty-turny road wherever it led.

As we came around one of the little curves, hugging the edge of the mountain as they always did, we came across a tiny little unmarked gravel parking place.

Beyond the gravel parking was a rising green hill, appearing to lead no where. This was on the edge of the mountain after all. Where could it be going?? But there were a few natural steps up, so we followed.

On top of the grassy “hill” it opened up to a circular expanse, which led to THAT stone throne!! The moment I saw it, my heart soared, and I screamed “THAT’s MY THRONE!!”.

This whole bit of land jutting out into nowhere, was a complete anomaly of nature. And since there was a great cliff on 3 sides of this land, it was incredibly Windy (with a capital W). The mystical presence was also a bit more dramatic because we were IN the clouds!! There were no clouds above this point, and no clouds below. It’s as if it were hidden from all except those “with eyes to see”.

So I ran to that throne of stone, without any of my usual concern for safety at great heights, and climbed up into it. The stone walls created a sacred space within, that immediately protected against the wind and the intense cold. I had entered another dimension of being, and was so blissfully at Home in it.

In just the blink of an eye, all reality began to spin around me. The ability to recognize any one aspect of Life as separate from another, became a bit pointless and futile. I was IN the Portal of infinite BEingness!!

I felt timeless Masters lifting me even higher into this ecstatic state, as they guided me on a tour, without words, through all existence. I was able to witness all of the varying dynamics of being human, as an individual and as a collective. I witnessed the pain, the struggle, the rise, and the fall. I witnessed the building of empires, and the collapse of it all. I witnessed hearts igniting, and souls searching. And then, it all spiraled immediately back into the One.

What were they showing me??

It’s all a single facet of the imperceptible, unimaginable All. Nothing is separate from our potential Truth. No single experience is greater than another. They all entwine to support the All. They all are valuable experiences to reMember and reClaim our inherent Truth. We are One!! No separation can be.


When all stopped spinning, and my body felt grounded once again, I sat in absolute awe of all that was created for me. This moment. This journey. This space. This experience. Every element of being in this exact moment, was a blessing, a gift, and a mystery. It all existed beyond our concept of “norm”. And yet, it is my authentic reality!!

I allowed my body,  mind, and spirit to absorb as much information, energy, and lightCodes as was possible. And then I trusted, that as I walked from this place, I left nothing behind. All that was held here, was forever a part of me. I can return here at any time, and SEE the world and all it holds, from this perspective. I have been initiated into reMembrance. No separation can be.

I’m different now. Forever changed. This initiation has restructured my cellular makeup in a fundamental way.

These experiences are calling to each of us uniquely. You may be sipping hot tea, and fall into a hypnotic state of reMembrance. Trust it!! The perception that we must physically journey to find these Portals is becoming obsolete. This is our new “norm”. This is our reality!!
© Alania Starhawk 2017

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