Expanding Consciousness

Down the Rabbit Hole

I just awoke from a “dream” where walls could easily move, worlds could effortlessly morph, and realities could flawlessly merge.

Nothing was solid or stable. One minute all appears this way, and another minute all appears that way.

It’s the same as “going down the rabbit hole”. But until you’re actually down the rabbit hole, it all feels like a fantastic (fantasy-like) dream.

One must be beyond the concepts of structure and order in order to comprehend the morphability that can be.

Upon the ever-changing path, each person we meet becomes a character in our own intimate, fantastic (fantasy-like) story. They may each act and speak within the realm of order and rationality, but we (those who are already down the rabbit hole) begin to see deeper into the subtle world of symbolism and unspoken nuance.

In actuality, we begin to maneuver through the world of fantastic (fantasy-like) truth that overlays the world of structure and uniformity.

What if these two worlds have always been entwined, and our only introduction to them has been through our innocent approach to imagination and faith?? Those really are the only two aspects of our structured world that allow space for the unexplainable. 

But as we move more confidently into our heart-space, upon our soul’s path of awakening, we become more comfortable in the infinite and unverifiable. Our higher senses begin to guide the way so completely, that we wake up one morning realizing that we already slipped down the rabbit hole!! And, there’s no going back.

I see the world differently!!

I won’t always be able to explain what I see or sense to those around me, because my experience exists beyond the comprehensible, in a 3-d realm of being. A 3-d reality requires structure, order, and rationality for it to be so.

And so, I now realize, that it’s incredibly difficult to move beyond the structure & order, consciously, while authentically being part of it at other levels of experience. It’s natural to question what is real, and what is possible, when all concepts of real and possible are continuously shifting to honor where my beliefs and understandings are in each moment.

I have envisioned quite a bit of my fantastic (oh so real in the spiritual realm) truth, without realizing that I had been doing so. I trust that it is my higher self (“me” from a higher state of consciousness) that had been orchestrating that bit of extraordinary insight.

Fundamentally, the physical world and the spiritual world are governed by different belief systems. But, in this exact moment, I believe that “I” am here to begin blending the worlds more authentically.

In the past, those who have journeyed down the rabbit hole of perception, have only been able to speak about their experiences in tales of fiction and “fantasy”. But thankfully, our concepts of what can be, have been shaped by these “rabbit hole pioneers”. We are forever blessed by the tales of Lewis Carrol, Roald Dahl, George Lucas, and so many more.

In fact, because of your understanding of Alice in Wonderland, you are hopefully able to understand this sweet little musing of mine. (((Smile)))

I also bring a bit of attention to the fact that those who didn’t write about their fantastic perceptions under guise, were (and still are) labeled as mad and insane.

So I do understand why my instinct is to censor my creative insights, sometimes. But, I’ve journeyed so deeply into the uncharted chasms of truth in effort to free mySelf, that I don’t think I can censor my FANTASTIC SELF any longer.

I live within the infinite world of nonsensical magic, wonder, and miracles!!!! And I’m proud of it. 

Stay tuned.

All that continues to flow, may be just a bit more fantastic than you’ve ever dreamed of.

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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