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ReInterpreting “Christ Is Risen!!”

“Christ is Risen!!”

Yes. I agree, full-heartedly.

It’s Easter Sunday today, and I am giving thought to all the new (and not-so-new) insights that are flowing through, in comparison to all of the symbolism and teachings I had once embraced upon this day.

As a young child, I could not feel an intimate connection to Jesus, because of the way he was portrayed within my Catholic church. I was not comfortable in the tales of pain, betrayal, and continuous struggle. As authentically loving as he and his actions were, he always seemed to be fighting the harsh world in one way or another.

However, I was very connected to his spiritual Light, housed within the tabernacle (as we were told). That’s where I would direct my conversations with him.

As I awakened into divine sight, 15 years ago, I began to recognize a Jesus that was soft, compassionate, loving, and beautiful beyond description. When he appeared, he always appeared without grandeur, directly next to the soul he was accompanying. He would hold their hand and let them know, telepathically, that he walked “with them”. He created an intimate bond with their soul each and every time.

This is why Jesus is so dear to so many. They feel his Love enveloping them, and washing away all guilt, fear, loss, and questioning. In his Love, all becomes healed!!

Over these past 15 years, my understanding of the crucifixion has gained much clarity, but I have remained quite silent about it. No part of me wishes to challenge another’s belief system, or the church’s viewpoint outwardly. I am very happy to allow each soul their own intuitive understanding of the experience.

But after my recent journey to southern France, I can clearly see that “raising our awareness” is what Jesus was teaching us by “rising” on the 3rd day. He was showing us the way, through all of the density and illusion-based reality.

I say “illusion-based reality” because the body and the physical experience distracts us from our greatest Truth.

We are no less divinely connected, supported, and loved because we are in human form. When our Heart is fully activated and employed, we ascend beyond the density, the distraction, and the challenge. We become Christ Consciousness embodied.

Wait. Let me start more simply.

Jesus came to remind us of who we are. He came to awaken LOVE upon this earth-plane, once again. He came to defy all appearance of struggle, lack, and loss. He came to seed a path of compassionate, coCreative, harmony and Peace.

As with all divine BEings, he could not force this peaceful path upon us. He could only BE the inspiration, the mentor, and the role model for us to emulate.

He came to Light the Light, within and throughout.

He never meant to do it all for us. That would disempower our individual potential. He came to Light the Light, within our souls, to remind us of what can be. But still, it is our CHOICE to embrace this path of peace fully and completely.

After ages of participating in conflict, self-preservation, and survival, it would be difficult for humanity to lay down all desire to be “in control” of their experience (from an egoic point of view). But those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to know, would recognize the Gift of transformation and new birth he shared.

He came to give us back our personal power!! Which means, that WE become responsible for our every thought, action, and experience. 

For so long, we (as a people) had been re-acting to the situations that presented themselves. We were feeling like pawns in a chess-game, surviving by strategy or by luck.

He reminded us that we never need to compromise our own truth or desire to accommodate the apparent situation. No matter how imposing or diminishing all appeared, our Faith could shift reality and manifest miracles. Our Faith would allow us to manifest the miraculous and incredulous, in ever-expanding magnitude.

The flame of Divine Consciousness lives within each of us. If we feel separate from our own sacred Truth and the Love that flows, that flame dwindles down to a flicker. It never can be extinguished, but it can douse itself in forgetfulness.

When we feel connected, supported, and divinely loved in all ways, that same flame can grow and expand to BE THE LIGHT in manifest form, freeing us from all shadow, separation, and lack. When we are connected, we feel all universal source moving with us and through us. We live in harmony with all life!!

I believe that this is how Jesus walked. The Light within was fully awakened, and although he could witness the separation that we felt, he did not accept this sense of separation as his own. He could see through the illusion. 

Simply said, he was not governed by what appeared. He was able to shape, shift, and morph the physical and tangible, to align with his will. This can only be done through the heart-space, where no doubt or hesitation exists.

He wasn’t trying to prove himself. He was showing the way!!

If you agree with all this, then can you also agree that he did not identify with fear and pain as we did?? 

He could see clearly. He knew that his body was just a vehicle for divine expression. He knew that all fear and pain were manifestations of someone in separation and forgetfulness.

If we knew that we were always united with God and Source in all moments, do you truly believe that any human experience could separate us from that divine knowing?? Fear and pain can only exist on an illusion-based realm of physical expression.

Jesus was never the “body”. He is the SPIRIT embodied, to bring enLightenment. He came to remind us that the Divine can live within the physical plane, without compromising their divinity. So he could not know physical pain, unless he chose to align with it.

Now, let’s reMember that he came to remind us of how we can potentially live. He came to offer us an opportunity to live in peace and brotherhood. He never wished to control the outcome. He loved us so much, that he wished to honor our choices, no matter what they would be.

He came to mirror our greatest potential, and our harshest truth (albeit illusion-based). He portrayed a fully Christed human soul, showing us our greatest potential. And then he allowed that pristine body to experience brutal betrayal and persecution, so that we could visibly see what we do to our own Christed selves each day!!

The pain and fear we connect to when thinking of the crucifixion, is our own pain and fear embodied. We place our own insecurities upon him. This is not Jesus’s pain and fear. He was beyond that. He was never separate from Divine Consciousness. He was never separate from God’s Light.

In all moments, I believe, he was in a higher state of conscious awareness. Any pain he would have known, would have been for humanity, as he witnessed the brutality with which they portrayed themselves. But even that comment is from MY egoic sense of injustice. Jesus didn’t judge!! He only knew LOVE in all moments. Even for his captors and persecutors, he know only Love!! Authentic, uncompromising Love.

Here’s where the tale becomes a bit fuzzy in my interpretation. I do believe that his body experienced the crucifixion. But we’ve established that Jesus was not his body. So in my understanding, he consciously ascended from his body upon the cross.

His true Spirit did not die!!

Upon that cross, he ascended beyond the plane of duality and physicality. 

In my opinion, once that ascension took place, he was able to easily move through the interdimensional realms as he chooses. This includes the physical realm, since our bodies are only a manifestation of Light.

He proved this to us, when he arose upon the 3rd day, defying all identity with the “body” that had died!!

People always ask if he died on the cross. I say “No”.

Jesus was not his body, so his death can only be a perception.

But in order for us to recognize that he is not his body, I do believe that a death of the physical had to happen.

I do believe that his body experienced death, but that death was only in appearance. For all who have eyes to see, he showed himself in perfect body and spirit three days later. This tells us, don’t be distracted by that which appears. “The body is only a manifestation of my own creation, too”.

Jesus says these words to me now, as I write this.

By understanding that the body is no more than a manifestation of our own creation, we see that we can pick it up or lay it down as often as we desire.

And this is why I see Jesus continuing on after the crucifixion, but in a truly sacred way. He could move through the physical plane, with purpose, by manifesting a physical body upon demand (much as we imagine the angels doing to work miracles). His teachings moved to the secretly held mystery schools. His presence was made known to an enLightened few.

It wasn’t to hide his Truth from the masses. It was to hold his Truth pure for the Wisdom Keepers throughout the ages.

To those who have eyes to see, he will always come.

We, now, are the Wisdom Keepers of our generation. We, now, are being asked to trust our instincts above all indoctrinated truth.

For myself, I’m amazed that I remained quiet for so long. My story is filled with so much more LOVE than I had ever been taught. So, why hide?? It’s time to be heard.

Suddenly, “Christ is Risen” reminds me that the LIGHT within my own soul is ready to RISE from the shadows of forgetfulness, to be known. 

Thank You, Jesus!! For guiding the way, and never questioning the Love within Me.

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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  1. Alania,

    Thank you for this beautiful post. I truly believe that Jesus was trying to teach us these things.

    He had to come in a human body in order to show us that we could do it.

    Thank you again and Happy Easter!


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  2. Thank you for sharing these thoughts of love. Your words touched my heart just when I needed rhem most. I openly cried as I experienced LOVE.

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