Expanding Consciousness

Down the Rabbit Hole

I just awoke from a "dream" where walls could easily move, worlds could effortlessly morph, and realities could flawlessly merge. Nothing was solid or stable. One minute all appears this way, and another minute all appears that way. It's the same as "going down the rabbit hole". But until you're actually down the rabbit hole,… Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole

Mystical Musings

Dream Big

This world is ever-expansive and infinite.   Yet, we still envision our lives in accordance to that which we BELIEVE has the potential to be. If we're cautious when placing our prayers, intentions, and dreams into motion....then we're initiating an experience that is founded in lack and limitation!!    We don't recognize it...but it's true.… Continue reading Dream Big

Mystical Musings

A Wish Upon A Star

Is this the way our wise ancestors kept us dreaming of greater possibilities and potential??   Was this playful pastime a way to subconsciously remind us that our Inner most prayers have value and are listened to by the higher realms?? We now benefit from free speech, open dialogue, personal choices, and boundless self-exploration.  … Continue reading A Wish Upon A Star