Mystical Musings

A Wish Upon A Star

Is this the way our wise ancestors kept us dreaming of greater possibilities and potential?? Was this playful pastime a way to subconsciously remind us that our inner most prayers have value and are listened to by the higher realms??

We now benefit from free speech, open dialogue, personal choices, and boundless self-exploration. But it was not always so. For too long the masses were denied these basic privileges.

Countless generations were told where they should stand, for how long, and in what position. They could only dream of a reality that offered free-will choice!!

So, was this “wish upon a star” concept devised to keep the spark of care-free dreaming alive?!?!

And if so, how can we justly take this inspiration and breathe life into its teaching today??

With the awareness we now have, of an infinite and prosperous world, what do we dare to dream of??

We have evolved to an extraordinary degree and still we dare not dream larger than we can rationalize and see.

Are you still holding yourself back, linked to the limited beliefs that once were??   Or are you ready to welcome limitless potential into your being!?!?

Hold back no more my dear friends!!

This is the time we’ve been waiting for.

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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