Channeled Messages

Creating from a Divine State

A channeled message from the Divine:

See through the illusion. See through the veils of separation and limitation.

Don’t see yourself forcing each bold action and intention into being. If you sense a need to ‘force’, then you are believing in the resistance, struggle, or challenge that can be.

When you are creating from a divine state, you are simply allowing the infinite blessings and wonder to flow through. All is pure potential in the divine state. To create, envision, and allow blessings is no more difficult than to create, envision, and allow challenges. It’s all a CHOICE of experience.

The energies you align with at a deep level, will draw and attract those same energies to you from universal source. It’s the art of resonant patterning.

You decide what you wish to intimately know and experience, always.

Be clear. ❤

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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