Spirit Teachings

The Solution Is Within You!

The experience of "lack" is an illusion. This universe is ever-flowing with abundant solutions and miracles. You are ever-flowing with abundant solutions and miracles. B E L I E V E  ♥  that you already hold the creative solution within your being ...and so it will be! If any part of you is lying in… Continue reading The Solution Is Within You!

Channeled Messages

“It All Begins with Self-Worth”

I slept deeply and comfortably until about 3:30am. I woke for no particular reason and felt no pull to head directly back to sleep. So I decided to meditate for a bit, to place focus and intention on all that I'd like to manifest in my life. Without breaking that beautiful stillness that naturally is… Continue reading “It All Begins with Self-Worth”

Spirit Teachings

The Power of Prayer

Layered with our own cognitive world of being, lies another true and relative reality. It appears the same, if looked at from a purely physical perspective. But it exists upon a non-physical realm of being. In this veiled, yet co-existing realm, only the power of our thoughts and prayers create impact. Let me say that again.… Continue reading The Power of Prayer

Spirit Teachings

The Impermanence of All Things

We each have a deeply seeded belief that to "let go" is to lose. Who ever initiated that thought, teaching, and belief??    It's not a very divine perspective. ♥ For our divinity reminds us that we are INFINITE in our experience ~ our potential ~ and our BEing!! There are NO BOUNDARIES placed on our… Continue reading The Impermanence of All Things

Spirit Teachings

It All Begins Within

Imagine a world where our dreams easily become a manifest reality!!    Can you see the BEAUTY that I now speak of??   In this world of dreams come true...each soul walks tall with a great sense of peace, pride and contentment.    They naturally feel safe, protected and blessed.    They are without the need… Continue reading It All Begins Within

Spirit Teachings

Merlin ~ The Father of Alchemy

Dear Guides and Guardians ~ Who walks with me now?? Who wishes to share a message of Love?? I sense a wise and masterful guide, with sparkling Light gently bouncing through his being. I hear clearly and beautifully: MERLIN ~ The Father of Alchemy Thank YOU Dear Merlin!! What remembrance do you bring?? To be… Continue reading Merlin ~ The Father of Alchemy

Spirit Teachings

Does The Heart of A Wild Stallion Beat In You???

Pause for a moment, and sense. Is there an unbridled SPIRIT alive in your being?? Is there an aspect of your own precious Light that runs FREEEEEEEE and doesn't know that it's meant to be anything but that which it naturally is?? For a wild stallion does not look around for guidance from another. They… Continue reading Does The Heart of A Wild Stallion Beat In You???

Spirit Teachings

To My True Divine Love ~ I Welcome You ♥

I Call TO Me ~ The Perfect Soul ~ Who Recognizes ME Who Awakens LOVE In Me ~ At Depths Full and Clear Who Activates My Energy To Be Fully AWAKE ~ ALIVE ~ and PRESENT In Each Moment Who Sees Me Who Loves Me Who Honors Me AS I AM ♥ Who Helps Me To… Continue reading To My True Divine Love ~ I Welcome You ♥

Spirit Teachings

A Prayer To Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael -- BE WITH ME!! Stand Here STRONG and Remind Me of the Strength I AM -- of the Beauty I AM -- and the Love That Always Surrounds Me!! Let My Every Breath Be BLESSED -- and My Every Step Be Guided!! For I Choose LIGHT In This World.    And I CHOOSE To… Continue reading A Prayer To Archangel Michael

Spirit Teachings

My Beating Heart

I Have Loved Great Love And Still... My Heart EXPANDS With Every Passing Breath For That Which I've Known Is But A Mere Taste of That Which Will BE So...Dear Universal Energies That Be Please SEE My Beating Heart And KNOW... It Now Calls To All That Would BLESS ME INSPIRE ME LOVE ME SUPPORT… Continue reading My Beating Heart