Claiming My Truth

Dear Spirit…I honor the path that has brought me HERE!!!   I celebrate the moments of Growth and Awakening that have brought me HERE!!!  I am supported in ALL WAYS as i follow my HEART and welcome my every DREAM COME TRUE into my life!!   I am an expression of Pure Love Divine…and I trust the Power that flows through me!!   I no longer tire or shrink back from too much of anything that brings blessings!!  I hold infinite Power within me!!   I hold infinite Strength within me!!  I AM living my Dream Come True!!   I have more than enough time, resources, inspiration,  and energy!!!  I lack nothing!!  I am complete ~ whole ~ and empowered as i take each breath…and celebrate the BEAUTY of ALL that IS!!!! This IS my moment of POWER!!!  I stand strong and grateful for ALL THAT IS!!! Thank you for the great support, love and guidance that surrounds me!!  I AM Forever Grateful!!!!  I AM LOVE!!!!

© Alania Starhawk 2012


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Julianna says:

    What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing the inspiration and love!

    1. Alania says:

      Oh Julianna…Thank YOU for sharing your Love as well!! You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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