Affirmations and Invocations

The Doorways of Greatness

Just a few moments ago, I awoke from a fabulous night of dream-journey. But as my awareness began to shift back to the physical realm, I began to consider all of the chores and responsibilities that were calling out to me today, and my elevated state of consciousness was shattered.

It’s amazing how quickly our attachment to the “responsibilities of the real world” can impact our physical self.

I quickly shifted from a state of peace within, to a state of feeling apprehensive and insecure. Yet, I am aware enough to know that I am the only one putting pressure upon myself to be productive and “responsible”. I am the only one aligning with feelings of insecurity. It’s a patterned way of thinking for me. A pattern that is now completed outdated, and needs to become obsolete.

With a prayer, I felt mySelf return to a state of peace. And in this peaceful state, a vision of door upon door being scattered across my plane of sight, began to take form.

Each of these doors represented a potential REALITY in my physical world. They represented all of the opportunities that surround me each day.

Some were plain and mundane, representing the patterned path of chores and “responsibility” that I so often embrace. Some were small and colorful, leading to some unseen bit of ecstatic pleasure. Some were large and intricately designed, promising profound experience on the other side. And some were so BRILLIANT that only Light could be seen.

They all served as “gates of initiation” in some way, preparing me for all that the future would hold. They were designed particularly for ME, and all that would uplift my soul. 

So, I’m curious, why was I only drawn to walk through the gentle doors of experience??

The “doors of greatness” that I speak of, were the ones that held every blessing I had been wanting for myself. They were the brilliant ones, that held the POWER to shatter all limitation, doubt, and fear. They were welcoming me to CLAIM all that was being offered as my own.

But I found myself respectfully honoring this brilliant door from a distance. I was so thankful to BE in its presence, that I neglected to see that nothing was holding me back. It was mine to claim and embrace.

There was no challenge, obstacle, or distraction in my way. So, why was I content to simply STAND at the doors of greatness!?!? Why wasn’t I joyfully running through??

I’ve passionately worked on embracing greater measures of self-worth through the years, but this vision clearly reminds me that “I” am still the only resistance between mySelf and all I wish to know.

Even this moment is another “door” of opportunity, that brings me and my soul into a higher state of understanding.

I am the MASTER of my own destiny!!

I shall stand back in “reverence” no more.

I’m ready to pierce through that GATE of ever-expanding wonder, to embody the GREATNESS I speak of.  

Dear Spirit, I stand here now in a great state reverence for all that “I AM”.

All that I aspire to BE, already exists within the great and beautiful ME that – I AM.

I joyfully CLAIM every imaginable Blessing that is and can be.

I claim the TRUTH of ALL I AM!!

Remind me that EVERY powerful doorway of opportunity is brought to me in response to my own RADIANT SOUL’s call!! I freely and fearlessly step THROUGH every doorway that brings JOY ~ LOVE ~ and PROSPERITY into my life.

I embrace the WONDER that I AM.  

And so it is. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2012

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