A precious message from spirit:

You’re vulnerability is what makes you so beautiful!!   In your deepest sense of loss…we see only the fire…the spark…that will always overcome and remind you in ever greater and grander ways…the BEAUTY of all you ARE!!!

The mysteries only begin to unfold around you.     Sensing their presence, comprehending their truth, and mastering their power is a process…without time restrictions or limitations.   You Will Master All!!   You Are Light!!  Please trust in that truth.   No separation can ever be!!

So take these times of sadness and despair…and triumph above.   Not because of what you are given…but because of WHO YOU ARE!!   You are no ordinary lightworker.   You ARE a Bringer of The Dawn.   You walk the line between light and dark at times to keep you grounded and focused on your greater mission.

You Are LIGHT!!   You were Light before you began this journey…and you will be Pure Light again.    Your mission on this earth…at this time…is to not only be light…but to bring LIGHT from within!!   In the darkest of times…call on the LIGHT for Strength and Love…Clarity and Truth!!    Call on the Light to guide.

You will always find your way home in Divine Time.   Allow yourself the experience of being human.   This is your journey after all.   Don’t fight it!!  Feel it!!  Be it!!   Experience it…in all of it’s beauty, passion and intensity.

Thank You Dear Spirit!!!   For Your Love and Guidance….THANK YOU!!!

© Alania Starhawk 2012

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  1. Michael33 says:

    Good morning Alania… Just wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed lingering on your site this morning… Thank you so much for sharing your light and en’light’enment with us and thanks for brightening my morning.
    Hope your day is most beautiful…

    1. Thank you sweet one!! It’s a blessing to dance with you this morning. I have just visited your beautiful site of passionate expression. I look forward to following your journey into self-discovery and awareness too. Thank YOU for being you!!! 🙂

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