Subtle Growth Brings Great Change

I was staring into the Heart of a great big Grandfather Oak tree when the sweet message of Ever-expanding Growth flowed to me.

I began to genuinely appreciate the impressive size of each supporting branch and the immeasurable number of individual leaves. All unique aspects of this amazing tree took time to grow, expand, and be all that it is now. But, never was their growth and expansion VISIBLE to the naked eye.

Why do we forget that shift, change, and progress is often a subtle and unacknowledged process!?!?

We place such pressure upon ourselves to attain our next goaled-upon target. But, when do we pause to recognize that as we naturally advance forward towards our chosen destination, we are continuously changing!!

We are no longer who we were yesterday or the day before. Each breath, thought, and experience innately alters our comprehensive make-up. At a deep foundational level, we must remember that subtle growth brings great change!!

As a toddler naturally grows out of his apparel and his desire to blow spit bubbles and randomly shriek, in proper time, so we may be growing out of all that once nurtured and aligned with us.

This can be incredibly exciting and exhilirating. It can also be heart-breaking and devastating, if we believe that our growth brings the loss of all that we honor, treasure and adore in our lives.


All sense of loss is only illusion!!

From the depth of my being I accept this truth as fully absolute. And yet, I will admit that my body, mind, and ego are not always as comfortable in accepting it.

So I lovingly remind myself that moving forward is a beautiful blessing. No space, place, or expression can be better-than or worse-than another. Each experience is a PURPOSEFUL OPPORTUNITY to discover ourselves more fully. 

The belief that we need to leave, abandon, close the door on, or separate from any aspect of ourSelves, in effort to stand in our personal truth, is nonsense!!

True wisdom comes from knowing that all UNIQUE EXPRESSION is beautiful and perfect. ♥

If we are all shifting, changing, and evolving continuously, what are the chances that we’ll all be shifting, changing, and evolving at exactly the same pace and in the same way??

Oneness doesn’t signify “sameness”. It signifies UNITY and HARMONY in an ever-changing and evolving community.

My agreeing with another is not the greatest sign of respect. Only my ability to authentically LOVE another no matter their space, place, or expression is the greatest form of respect. 

All of my recent pain and discomfort, regarding moving forward personally, has all been initiated by my subconscious tendency to judge what is right or wrong, better than or less than, true or untrue. This world is filled with infinite expressions of being. The pain-free path comes from remembering that every infinite expression of being is perfect and pure, in its own way!!

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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