Affirmations and Invocations

“Inauguration” of Peace

Human evolution is moving forward today.  It may not be apparent or clear to our human eyes and ears. But, human evolution is moving forward today. Somehow, in this great big universal totality of BEing, all is in perfect alignment to move us forward into an epic time of change, transformation, and reBirth. Hold onto… Continue reading “Inauguration” of Peace


Choose Wisely

The easiest and surest way to give up our personal power, our freedom, our sense of security, peace, and to BELIEVE that we are without choice!!! Never can that authentically be. With every life-giving breath, infinite choices and opportunities flow. At subconscious and conscious levels of being, we are actively aligning with one belief… Continue reading Choose Wisely

Mystical Musings

Our “Tower of Babel”

Each of us has our own idea, interpretation, and understanding of what brings us higher into greatness, grandeur, success, peace, love, joy, and bliss. And each of us is naturally using these ideas, interpretations, and understandings to navigate through life the best we can. In times of chaos and confusion, each of us subliminally translates… Continue reading Our “Tower of Babel”

Expanding Consciousness, Oneness

Subtle Growth Brings Great Change

I was staring into the Heart of a great big Grandfather Oak tree when the sweet message of Ever-expanding Growth flowed to me.     I began to genuinely appreciate the impressive size of each supporting branch...and the immeasurable number of individual leaves.   All unique aspects of this amazing tree took TIME to grow,… Continue reading Subtle Growth Brings Great Change

Mystical Musings

The “End” Is Still Here

December 21st, 2012 Good Morning SoulFamily!! I wake this powerful morning to see the wonder in each of YOU!!! ♥ It IS today that we each CHOOSE all we'd like to embrace!! It IS today that we each stand strong and UNITE IN THE LIGHT!! You ARE waking this morning to a RADIANT NEW BEGINNING!!! The… Continue reading The “End” Is Still Here