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Paradise Found: A Channeled Message

Throughout time, there has been a searching for that which will allow us to feel whole and complete.

We look for it (whatever "it" may be) in different places and in different ways, but that which motivates the search is always the same—when will we find that which ignites true remembrance?

Ultimately, we're not searching for the unknown and that which has yet to be created. There would be no real incentive in that search, because that which is truly "unknown" holds no meaning or symbolism to us. We, as rational beings, would hold no passionate attachment to that which has no pre-defined value.

This search is driven forward by something much deeper and more primal. It is a search for that which we have intimately known, but have since forgotten. It's a search for the parts of our Self that bring personal acceptance (Who am I?), universal understanding (How does it all work?), and divine awareness (What's it all for?).

In essence, we're searching for undeniable truth; that which does not alter, change, disintegrate, disappoint us, abandon us, or perplex us.

I often ponder these grand questions, as I am on a constant search for greater truth in my own precarious existence.

On this day, brazenly speaking for all mankind, I passionately call out to universal source:

We are ready to see that which was hidden! We are ready to know that which was misunderstood! We are ready to accept that which is ours to reclaim!

In response, I see a vision of what we would know as the Garden of Eden. It overflows with heavenly grace and sings to our spirits upon energetic planes. This paradise has been particularly designed for us! It exists, eternally, upon divine planes of consciousness that attune to the vibration of Love.

As I view our reality from this heavenly plane of consciousness, our future is secure. As a people, we are united in love and harmony. We are born to feel the warmth of sun upon our skin, to know the ecstasy of a lover's embrace, and to explore the joy of creating life, boundlessly.

I see a stream of joyous, miraculous, peaceful existence.

This was always, and still is, our inheritance!

We were designed to live as precious beings of embodied light. We were designed to live as empowered masters of creation.

This story has been lost.

And so Spirit speaks this message to each of us now:

You believe that 'life' is a struggle, but it is a gift. The struggle is only perceived. It comes from doubt, fear, and unworthiness.

From the first moment that you saw your own beauty in comparison to another, you bound yourself to a conditional form of worthiness.

This means that your peace, your joy, your abundance, your power, and your light is now measured by that which you BELIEVE yourself to be—instead of just reveling in the perfect mystery of boundless light and potential you are.

Your heart can only know itself when it is offered space and opportunity to be free. It cannot be constrained in any way, or your focus will be on 'not being' instead of 'being'.

You will be living for fear of what 'is not'—but by definition, nothing is 'not'. In 'life', all is.

All perception of 'not' is an illusion.

Will you let that define you any longer? Or, will you awaken life, love, and creation in your heart once again?

Will you LEAD THE WAY to paradise—and all that might be needed?

Will you grant humanity an opportunity to remember what is their's to know?

Me: What remembrance do you speak of?


I see the story of the serpent and temptation. I see the story of shame being perpetuated. I see the story of division—of heaven and earth, of male and female, of heart and mind.

I see all that has been our recorded truth—but what if that proposed 'truth' was no more than A STORY which benefitted the choices of a few?!

Decide for yourself!

Place yourself in the garden. See yourself with the opportunity to live passionately, in love and harmony with all life.

Will you doubt this truth and deny this inheritance? Or will you trust yourself through all perceptions of lack and separation?

Either choice is perfectly acceptable because you are your own sovereign authority!

You have never been less than perfect. If you have ever felt less than safe, secure, and loved, you have chosen that path for yourself.  In some way, you have accepted it and believed in it.

But, every day, you begin again. The past only tells a story of what once was. Would you like to try a new path? Are you ready to re-imagine the possibilities?

See yourself newly born into new heights of enlightened consciousness, at the beginning stages of illuminating self-discovery, and begin again!!

Will you re-write the story, for yourself and every innocent soul yet to come??

I see a merging of worlds and realities. I see a blurring of lines and a lifting of veils.

Truth will always be personal and relative to each soul that lives. Trust yourself to know what feels most supportive to you—and give that truth voice, without any hint of doubt, fear, and unworthiness.

My truth now tells me that paradise is mine to embrace, when I remember that I was never truly separate from that divine state of being.

I see and I accept! But a new thought arises. So I ask Source to provide insights, once again.

How do we heal the trauma and disharmony that came from our perceptions of separation and lack?

If you focus on the trauma and disharmony, it will always be.

Move beyond identity with it—to set your sights on all that feeds, uplifts, and inspires.

This is your destiny!

The past, which you seek to reverently honor and pay homage to, is done and complete. It lives only in your memory. Trust that by moving forward into all that ignites your soul to live fully, you abandon nothing but your own outdated memories. Allow yourself to reinterpret them in love, even if you simply accept that they all brought you 'here'.

In contrast and comparison to the hopes you hold, you might still be viewing your past experiences as dark and inhibiting. But when you rise to see Light in ALL things, you will see that every 'shadow and fear' was an agent of Light.

You are the extraordinary and miraculous!!

Trust yourself to be more than you imagine yourself to be.

I feel the power in these words! I trust that we are awakening the dormant memories of a heavenly paradise upon this earth. And I am going to do all I can, personally, to believe in it.

I accept this opportunity to choose love, over and over again. 

© Alania Starhawk 2020

Alania Starhawk

Divine Channel | Spiritual Mentor | Author | Sacred Visionary

Alania’s beautiful gift of sight and knowing can assist you in connecting to your own guides, guardians, higher self, and ancient truth. Through inspirational messages and channelings, lightbody activations, and cellular downloads, she brings support to your earth journey and your own soul’s expansion. She effortlessly radiates the Light and Truth that powerfully awakens the “I AM” in you.

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