Have Faith in You!

Faith is a curious thing. It means so many different things to so many different people. And still, countless others utilize faith without ever knowing it.

As a child, I was taught to have faith in God. But today, in my dreams, I was encouraged to have faith in my Self. 

Spirit wasn't speaking of the parts of me I am already familiar with. They were inspiring me to awaken the parts of me that are wise, masterful, and extraordinary.

The parts of me that I've forgotten. 

All of us hold much greater potential than we know.

All of us have access to infinite planes of boundless life-force energy.

But most of us become so distracted with the minutia of every-day living that we forget to call upon these greater forces of inspiration and support.

This is why faith is needed. 

Some of us have forgotten the truth of who we are.

The magnificence of who we are!

And if we have yet to believe in something this wondrous, faith is most certainly needed.

It can be the •KEY• to opening every door of dormant memory. 

It's a personal journey.

One that only YOU can trust for yourself.

So I ask you........

Are you ready to have •Fatih• in your Self?

In the YOU that is connected.
In the YOU that is empowered.
In the YOU that is healthy, wise, and whole.

In the YOU that is Light-born.
In the YOU that is eternal.
In the YOU that is pure, incandescent, and loved.


If so, just trust that it is so.

Let Spirit effortlessly support your journey into remembrance.

Let it be easy. 

Let it be, now. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2021

Meet the Author:

Alania Starhawk

Divine Channel | Inspired Author | Spiritual Mentor | Sacred Visionary


Alania Starhawk is a divine channel, inspired author, sacred visionary, and spiritual mentor. Her gifts of clear sight and intuitive knowing allow her to connect to the infinite realms of truth and light that exist within all forms of creation. Alania introduces us to a world of infinite possibility by powerfully sharing the sacred teachings that speak to our soul. These enlightened teachings, which support humanity’s evolution and awakening, come from the many beings of Light that communicate directly to Alania.

In her newly published book, Divine Self: Awakening into Sacred Remembrance, she  activates the cellular memories of our own empowered truth. In her words, "We are so much more than we imagine ourselves to be."

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